Remote Recital Protocols for Fall 2020

July 31, 2020

In order to ensure the safety of our students who are planning to complete their final degree requirements off campus in fall 2020, the following policy for video-recording final degree recitals and/or lecture recitals has been approved by the Eastman department chairs.  Please note that these procedures are in place for fall 2020 only.  Students are expected to meet all programming and repertoire guidelines for degree recitals in their major, as in any other year.  We hope this experience will be as rewarding as possible for you, given the important precautions we must all take at this time.


  • Please find a safe and quiet place to video-record your final recital. This may mean your home or local parish or other performance venue.  It is highly recommended that you perform your recital for an audience of at least one other person.  The faculty wants to see you in “performing mode”!

  • We understand that students will have varying qualities of equipment. We recommend that you use a USB microphone, if you have access to one.  About a month before you plan to video-record your recital, please record a short, 5-minute clip and send it to your teacher, to check on audio and video quality.  Your teacher may make some recommendations for modifications, especially with respect to sound fidelity and video quality.  These adjustments should be made well in advance of your recital recording event.

  • If your repertoire involves performing with a collaborative pianist or other instrumentalist, please work with your teacher to discuss your options and to determine the best possible solution, given your unique circumstances.

  • Please contact Julia Ng in the ESM Concert Office ( to inform her of the date and time of your performance. The Concert Office will create a recital program for you and send it to you via email.  You may wish to email family and friends about your recital, and give them access to the performance, once it is recorded./p>

  • The ESM faculty expects to see and hear your entire performance, with no cuts or edits. Please let the recording run, even if you take a brief intermission or pause in your program.

  • Please share your unedited video-recording with Deanna Phillips at Feel free to discuss with your teacher the best platform for sharing files (we recommend WeTransfer but you should feel free to use what you and your teacher are most comfortable with).  Deanna will make your video-recording available to the members of your recital committee.  The faculty will evaluate your performance and contact you directly with their decision and comments.

Lecture Recitals:

  • Please work closely with your co-advisors on the verbal content and performance aspects of your lecture recital. Depending on your topic, they can help you tailor your presentation for maximal efficacy via Zoom (please make sure that the “original sound” setting is engaged in your Zoom audio settings).  This may involve a PowerPoint presentation, or pdf handouts that you will email to your audience in advance, for example.

  • Submit your lecture-recital proposal to Deanna Phillips ( in the Graduate Office (or, for DMA PRL pianists, to Alice Meyer at approximately 2 months in advance of the event; they will appoint a third juror for your lecture-recital committee. Please make sure that you choose a date and time when your co-advisors are available to attend.  For details on how to prepare this proposal, which must be approved by your co-advisors before you send it to Deanna Phillips or Alice Meyer, please see 

  • Find a safe and quiet place where you are near your instrument as well as a laptop/tablet/other reliable device and ask one of your co-advisors to set up a Zoom meeting for your lecture recital. You may invite guests to your lecture recital via Zoom; however, well in advance, you will need to provide accurate email addresses for your guests to the Zoom organizer.

  • At the scheduled day and time, log in to your Zoom session and give your lecture recital. You may decide with your co-advisors that much of the spoken part of your presentation will be given synchronously via Zoom, but for reasons of sound quality, you may wish to use a pre-recorded performance of the composition(s) in question.  Please reserve 5-10 minutes at the end to respond to spontaneous questions from your audience.

  • The co-advisor who sets up your Zoom session should record the entire lecture-recital presentation, and share it with Deanna Phillips in the ESM Graduate Office (