GENRE Dramma lirico in tre atti
LIBRETTO Ferdinando Fontana, after Alfred de Musset, La coupe et les lèvres
FIRST PERFORMED First version: Teatro all Scala, Milan, 21 April 1889

Second version: Teatro Communale, Ferrara, 28 February 1892



Edgar, Puccini’s second opera, was performed only a few times during the composer’s lifetime and revived in honor of the Anniversary of the composer’s death. Puccini’s revisions between the three versions of the score led to such extensive rewriting that, according to Hopkinson, the later two versions could be considered almost distinct operas from the first were it not for the same plot. Despite Puccini’s struggle with this libretto, however, Edgar never achieved a lasting success.

PUBLICATION TITLE Edgar Edgar Title Page 257 kB
VERSION Second version in three acts
TYPE Italian piano and vocal score
EDITION Opera Completa per Canto e Pianoforte riduzione di Carlo Carignani [Nuova Edizione]
PUBLISHER G. Ricordi & C.e
DATE 1892
VOLUME 248 pp.
                        NOTES This copy of the second version is missing the title page. This is a lithograph proof copy provided by Ricordi to Puccini for purposes of the preparation of a third version. Evidence for this conclusion is the typical, apparently in- house, binding of the volume in cardboard covers with paper label. The original sewing was also very crude, another indication of the copy’s makeshift character. The volume contains extensive cuts and emendations in the composer’s hand. Puccini added an orchestral “Preludio” to act one for this second version only to delete it again in this copy. Puccini has also here crossed out the entire banquet scene for Tigrana in act two, despite the fact that the drinking song had been a popular favorite with the audience.

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