RCSD Teacher Recommendation

2022 - RCSD Teacher Recommendation Form for New Students

  • RCSD Teacher Information

  • RCSD Student Information

    Please fill out the information for the student you are recommending to Pathways. You will need to fill out a separate recommendation for each student.
  • Please offer brief description of the student's current ensemble and chorus placements and his or her performance within that ensemble.
  • Please offer any details to support your answer.
  • Please offer any details to support your answer.
  • Student Musical Assessment

    We take your comments very seriously when considering a student for the Pathways Scholarship and appreciate the time you take to fill out the following information! Please rate the student using numbers 1 (needs improvement) through 5 (outstanding). Additional comments and explanations are appreciated!
  • Basic Skills and Proficiency

    Please rate the student 1 (needs improvement) through 5 (outstanding) on the following skills. Please offer additional comments at the end of the section.
  • Please write your full, legal name in place of a written signature.