Organ, Sacred Music, and Historical Keyboards

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline for the 2015 Summer Academy?

Interested applicants should mail a CD recording of two contrasting works, along with a teacher recommendation and their registration form, to the Summer@Eastman office. Application materials are due March 15, 2015. For more information on registration, including links to the application form, visit the Summer@Eastman registration page.

Does the Academy offer private and/or group lessons?

The Summer Organ Academy offers both experiences for registered students. Visiting organists will have an opportunity to study one-on-one with renowned Eastman faculty, and they will also participate in group lessons and masterclasses in which they can observe how others perform and learn. The week-long Academy is designed to provide students with as many educational and musical experiences as possible.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants should be high school organists seeking to expand their understanding of organ performance, organ literature, and “real world” musicianship skills. All high school organists are invited to apply.

Are transportation and meals included?

All transportation during the Academy is included in the tuition cost. Students are responsible for bringing themselves to the Eastman campus in August. During the week, students will walk as a group to several nearby churches and performance locations. For more distant venues, busing will be provided.

Students have the option to stay in the Student Living Center for $72/day. This fee will cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dorms for the duration of the Academy. On select days, lunch and dinner will be hosted at performance venues.

Where will students live during the Academy?

Tuition costs do not cover residence, but the Student Living Center will house students for $72/day. The Living Center is located just across the street from the Eastman school.

How much does the Academy cost?

Full tuition is $550, which covers the entire week of lessons, events, and transportation. The dormitory fee is $72/day, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.