Organ, Sacred Music, and Historical Keyboards

PDFs for 2017 Summer Academy Participants

Find Important Files for the 2017 Summer Organ Academy Here!

Schedule for 2017 Academy:

Organ Academy Schedule 2017

Repertoire for the Italian Baroque Organ at the Memorial Art Gallery – led by Professor Edoardo Bellotti
(Be prepared to try out at least two pieces on the organ.)

Frescobaldi, Toccata per l’Elevatione, Fiori Musicali 1635
Gabrieli Spiritata
Giovanni Paolo Colonna Fuga
Poglietti Aria Bizzarra del Rossignolo
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K 328 *new*
Sperindio Bertoldo Ricercar VI Tuono
Zipoli Elevazione
Zipoli Offertorio

Anthems for the masterclass at St. Paul’s Episcopal Churchled by Robert Poovey
Be prepared to play at least one anthem at the masterclass.)


Hymns for the workshop at Christ Church – led by Professor Stephen Kennedy
(Prepare all four hymns – memorization of at least one is encouraged.)

Hymn 362
Hymn 530
Hymn 460
Hymn 334