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EROI 2008: The Craighead-Saunders Organ

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EROI 2008: The Craighead-Saunders Organ
October 16-20, 2008

The seventh annual EROI Festival celebrated an important milestone in the development of the Eastman-Rochester Organ Initiative: the inauguration of the Craighead-Saunders Organ in Christ Church (Episcopal). The instrument is a two-manual, thirty-three-stop organ named after David Craighead and Russell Saunders, two venerable professors of organ at the Eastman School of Music. The result of a six-year interdisciplinary research project between the Göteborg Organ Art Center (GOArt) and the Eastman School of Music on the processes of eighteenth-century organ building, it is a scientific reconstruction of an organ from 1776 built by Adam Gottlob Casparini for the Holy Ghost Church in Vilnius, Lithuania.

As part of the inaugural celebration, Eastman and the Westfield Center hosted a two-day symposium entitled J. S. Bach and the Organ. The symposium brought together some of the leading Bach scholars and performers from around the world. Highlights included the 2008 Glenn Watkins Lecture, delivered by Christoph Wolff, and a concert of Bach’s cantatas performed by members of the Christ Church Schola Cantorum and the Boston Early Music Festival Chamber Players, under the direction of Paul O’Dette.

For a complete listing of presenters and events: Download the 2008 EROI Program Book

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Thursday, October 16

Note: All events take place at Christ Church Episcopal, unless otherwise specified

Noon —
4:00 PM
4:00 —
6:00 PM

Symposium: Celebrating the Legacies of David Craighead and Russell Saunders

David Higgs

The Craighead-Saunders Duo at Eastman:
A View from the Bellows Room
Jürgen Thym

The Silver Fox: The Life and Legacy of Russell Saunders
Martha H. Sobaje

Russell Saunders: Master Teacher
Larry Smith

David Craighead: Portrait of an American Organist
Tandy Reussner

Organ Duets with Marian
David Craighead

The Organist as Scholar
Kerala J. Snyder

6:00 PM Reception and Book Signing
7:30 PM

The Craighead-Saunders Organ Inaugural Concert
David Higgs, William Porter, Hans Davidsson, Harald Vogel,
Paul O’Dette and Boston Early Music Festival Chamber Players,
Stephen Kennedy and Christ Church Schola Cantorum,
Rochester City Ballet, distinguished guests

9:00 PM Dean’s Reception

Friday, October 17

8:15 AM Registration Continues
8:45 AM

Symposium: Johann Sebastian Bach and the Organ
Co-sponsored by The Westfield Center

Hans Davidsson and Annette Richards

9:00 AM —

Session 1: Performance Practice Issues

Thuringian Organ Registration Practice
Harald Vogel (organ demonstration by William Porter)

The Large Organ as Continuo Instrument
Matthew Dirst

Registration in Continuo Playing
Greg Crowell

Roundtable on Instrumental Pitch, Temperament,
and Transposition
Matthew Dirst, Greg Crowell, Robert Mealy, Paul O’Dette, William Porter, Harald Vogel, Johan Norrback; Moderator: Annette Richards

Noon Lunch Buffet
1:00 PM Recital Featuring Distinguished Eastman Alumni
Roberta Gary and Larry Smith
2:30 PM

Session 2: The 2008 Glenn E. Watkins Lecture
The Bach Expedition: New Biographical and
Musical Discoveries
Christoph Wolff

4:00 —
6:30 PM

Session 3: The Central German Organ in its Eighteenth-Century Context

The Leipzig Organs in the Time of Bach
Lynn Edwards Butler

Bach’s Organ Music in the Context of the Liturgy
Robin Leaver

Congregational Singing in Leipzig in the Eighteenth Century
Tanya Kevorkian
(the last two papers will include examples of hymn playing in the eighteenth century, demonstrated by William Porter) Moderator: Daniel Zager

6:30 PM

Dinner Buffet

6:30 PM and
9:30 PM


Recital of Bach’s Vocal and Instrumental Music:
The Christ Church Schola Cantorum

Stephen Kennedy, director, with members of Boston Early Music Festival Chamber Players
under the direction of Paul O’Dette

Saturday, October 18

9 AM —
Session 4: Bach and the Organ

Bach’s Late Works and the Thuringian Organ
George Stauffer

The Art of Pedal Playing in Central Germany
David Yearsley

Performance practice of J.S. Bach’s organ works: the sources considered within a wider context
Quentin Faulkner

The Use of the Organ as an Obbligato Instrument in Bach’s Cantatas
Gregory Butler

Concluding Roundtable
Moderator: Jürgen Thym

Noon Lunch Buffet
1:00 PM Recital
David Higgs, Hans Davidsson, and William Porter
3:00 —
6:00 PM

Symposium: Reconstruction as a Model for
Research and Creation

Co-sponsored by the Organ Historical Society

Session 1: The Craighead-Saunders Organ: A Case Study in Process Reconstruction

Kerala J. Snyder

Introducing the Concept Behind the Craighead-Saunders Project
Hans Davidsson and Joel Speerstra

Early Efforts and Goals of Instrument Reconstruction
Laurence Libin

Copying Period Instruments as a Research Tool
John Watson

Panel Discussion on “Reconstruction” and New Terminology
Hans Davidsson, William Porter, Laurence Libin, Joel Speerstra,
Munetaka Yokota, Moderator: John Watson

8:30 PM Recital
Harald Vogel

Sunday, October 19

11:00 AM Eucharist and Dedication
Sung Eucharist and dedication of the Craighead-Saunders Organ, featuring Christ Church Choirs and Eastman Organ Department Faculty; including the world premiere of a new work
by Stephen Kennedy
2:00 —
3:45 PM

“Organ Spectacular”An International Organ Celebration
Co-sponsored by the Rochester Chapter of the
American Guild of Organists

Introducing Rochester’s Newest Organs

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Paul Fritts & Company, Opus 26
Introduction to the organ by Paul Fritts
Recital by Craig Cramer

4:15 —
6:00 PM
Introducing Rochester’s Newest Organs

First Presbyterian Church
, Pittsford
Taylor and Boody, Opus 57
Introduction to the organ by George Taylor and John Boody
Recital by Matthew Dirst and instrumental ensemble

Throughout the day, other participating venues and area churches will offer open houses, mini-concerts, and/or organ demonstrations by resident organists and Eastman students. This will take place in cooperation with the Rochester Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.
6:30 PM Conference Buffet
9 PM

William Porter and the Christ Church Schola Cantorum under the direction of Stephen Kennedy

Monday, October 20

9 AM —
Symposium: Reconstruction as a Model for
Research and Creation

Co-sponsored by the Organ Historical Society

Session 2: A Process Reconstruction of the
Casparini Organ

Opening Remarks
Hans Davidsson

Research and Decision-making in the Process of Reconstruction
Joel Speerstra, Mats Arvidsson, Hans Davidsson

The Organ and the Eighteenth-Century Visual Aesthetic
Monika May and Joel Speerstra

Carl-Johan Bergsten

Casparini’s Organ Pipe Scaling
Niclas Fredriksson

Roundtable on New Models for Organ Project Consulting
Steve Dieck, Martin Pasi, George Taylor, Bruce Fowkes,
Paul Fritts, Hans Davidsson, Munetaka Yokota, Mats Arvidsson

Noon Lunch Buffet
1:00 PM

Eastman Organ Students

2:15 —
6:15 PM

Session 3: Reconstructing the Scaling and Voicing
of the Casparini Pipes

A Closer Look at Adam Gottlob Casparini’s Sound Concept
Paul Peeters

Documenting the Voicing Process
Members of Spring 2008 research seminar

The Voicing Process
Munetaka Yokota

Workshop on Casparini’s Voicing Techniques
Munetaka Yokota

Concluding Q & A with builders and researchers

6:30 PM Dinner Buffet
8:30 PM Concluding Recital
Ludger Lohmann and Jacques van Oortmerssen