Organ, Sacred Music, and Historical Keyboards

EROI Festival Archive

An important component of the EROI Project is the EROI Festival, an annual academic conference devoted to special topics in organ performance and building.  The first EROI Festival was held in 2002 with the aim of bringing together invited performers, scholars, and builders in order to share experiences and research and to enrich organ education at Eastman and the wider community.  Since then the event has grown into a conference of international stature.

Click on the links below to access schedules and materials from past festivals.  More archived materials will be posted soon.

EROI 2018: Beyond the Stops

EROI 2016: Breath For Singing: The Organ and the Human Voice

EROI 2014: Organ and Film Festival

EROI 2013: Spectrum of Sound: Aspects of Organ Music Since 1940

EROI 2012: Bach and the Organ

EROI 2011: Improvisation and Organ Pedagogy

EROI 2010: Pedaling through Time – New Perspectives on Pedal Technique

EROI 2009: Mendelssohn and the Contrapuntal Tradition

EROI 2008: The Craighead-Saunders Organ

EROI 2007: New Dimensions in Organ Documentation and Conservation

EROI 2006: Aspects of Organ Building in the Twentieth Century – Featuring the Work of Ernest M. Skinner and John Brombaugh