Eastman Faculty

Department Chair

Watkins, Holly
Associate Professor of Musicology; Chair, Musicology Department

Anderson, Michael Alan
Associate Professor of Musicology; Artistic Director, Schola Antiqua; Managing Editor, The Eastman Case Studies series; Faculty Associate, Susan B. Anthony Institute; Faculty Affiliate, Humanities Center, University of Rochester

Desai-Stephens, Anaar
Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

Esse, Melina
Associate Professor of Musicology; Bridging Fellowship to the School of Arts and Sciences Dance and Movement Program Fall Semester 2018

Freitas, Roger
Associate Professor of Musicology; Faculty associate, Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies

Jakelski, Lisa
Associate Professor of Musicology

Kapusta, John
Assistant Professor of Musicology

Kowalke, Kim H.
Professor of Musicology; Professor of Music, The College Department of Music; The Richard L. Turner Professor of Humanities, The College, University of Rochester

Kyker, Jennifer
Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology; Associate Professor of Music, The College Department of Music, University of Rochester; Full Year 2018-19 Academic Leave

Meconi, Honey
Professor of Musicology; Chair and Professor of Music, College Music Department

Mueller, Darren
Assistant Professor of Musicology

Suadin, I Nyoman
Visiting Associate Professor of Gamelan, part time; Director of Gamelan

West, Glenn A.
Instructor of Ethnomusicology, part-time; Director of Mbira Ensemble; ECMS Collegiate Instructor in Mbira

Zager, Daniel
Associate Dean of Sibley Music Library; Associate Professor of Musicology; Affiliate Faculty, Organ and Historical Keyboards

Emeritus Faculty

Mann, Alfred †
Professor Emeritus of Musicology

Snyder, Kerala Johnson
Professor Emerita of Musicology; Affiliate Faculty, Organ, Sacred Music, & Historical Keyboards

Thym, Jurgen
Professor Emeritus of Musicology; Affiliate Faculty, Organ, Sacred Music, & Historical Keyboards

Wheelock, Gretchen A.
Professor Emerita of Musicology

Locke, Ralph P.
Professor Emeritus of Musicology

Macey, Patrick
Professor Emeritus of Musicology

Koskoff, Ellen
Professor Emerita of Ethnomusicology; Director, Ethnomusicology Programs

Affiliate Faculty

O'Dette, Paul
Professor of Lute; Professor of Conducting & Ensembles; Director, Collegium Musicum; Affiliate Faculty, Musicology; Affiliate in Voice and Opera