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Michael Anderson published an article titled “Enhancing the Ave Maria in the Ars Antiqua” in the spring 2010 issue of the Journal of Plainsong and Medieval Music. He has articles forthcoming in the journals Early Music History and Early Music. His professional vocal ensemble, the Schola Antiqua of Chicago, released a CD this fall titled “West Meets East: Sacred Music of the Torino Codex.”

Melina Esse has published several articles on Italian opera in the past year.  Click on her name to see her full list of publications under Works.  She also edited a special issue of Opera Quarterly, titled Mediating Opera, and contributed an article on a novel staging of Gluck’s Orfeo.

Roger Freitas, received the Philip Brett Award for his book, Portrait of a Castrato: Politics, Patronage and Music in the Life of Atto Melani (Cambridge University Press, 2009).  The award was made by the LGBTQ Study Group of the American Musicological Society at the November 2010 meeting in Indianapolis.

Lisa Jakelski presented a paper on Krzysztof Penderecki’s St. Luke Passion and the economic dimensions of the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music, at the Philadelphia meeting of the AMS.  She presented papers on Lutoslawski at Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University in spring 2010.

Ellen Koskoff presented the Bruno Nettl Lecture at the University of Illinois in September 2009, titled “Musial Bodies in Bali.”  An article on her experience living in Bali and working with a Gamelan will appear in 2011 in a volume of essays from a conference in Rostock, Germany.

Kim Kowalke, Professor of Music and Richard L. Turner Professor of Humanities in the College, has been appointed to the editorial boards of the Journal of the Society for American Music, as well as Oxford University Press’s new Broadway Legacies series, and the new journal Studies in Musical Theatre.

Ralph Locke was among authors honored with a group award for essays included in a musicological collection.  The Ruth Solie Award of the AMS was given to the editors, Annegret Fauser and Mark Everist, for Music, Theatre, and Cultural Transference: Paris, 1830-1914 (Univ. of Chicago Press, 2009); the volume included Locke’s essay “Spanish Local Color in Bizet’s Carmen: Unexplored Borrowings and Transformations.”

In July 2009, Patrick Macey, Patrick Macey presented a paper on Florentine carnival songs that he attributes to Heinrich Isaac at a conference ,“Heinrich Isaac and His World,” at Indiana University in May 2010.  In June he presented a paper on five and six-voice motets by Josquin and Mouton at a Josquin conference in Bremen.  He discusses a new edition of Mouton’s motet Antequam comedam on the Rochester NPR station WXXI

Honey Meconi published the article “Margaret of Austria, Visual Representation, and Brussels, Royal Library, Ms. 228” in the new Journal of the Alamire Foundation.  In May she read “Heinrich Isaac and the Habsburg-Burgundian Court Manuscripts” at the conference “Heinrich Isaac and His World” at Indiana University.  In July she read “London Royal 8 G.vii and the Motets of Pierre de la Rue” at the Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference at the University of London.

Holly Watkins is on leave in 2010-11 with an appointment as a Harrington Faculty Fellow at the University of Texas, Austin.  She participated in the Mannes Institute at the University of Chicago in June 2010, and her book Metaphors of Depth in German Musical Thought, will be published by Cambridge University Press.

Dan Zager, Associate Dean of Sibley Music Library and Associate Professor of Musicology, discusses the recent NEH grant to digitize non-copyrighted scores in Sibley Library.
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