Refugees and Cultural Humility at Buffalo String Works


Refugees and Cultural Humility at Buffalo String Works


Buffalo String Works is an organization that provides group lessons on string instruments primarily to students from immigrant and refugee communities. The mission of Buffalo String Works is to “foster vibrant, inclusive communities through the transformative power of music.” The case reveals a strategic plan that focuses organizational priorities in the short and medium term. Among the priorities is the idea of onboarding, encouraging the teaching sta to embrace the spirit of inclusivity at Buffalo String Works. An experience with students from Somalia prompts the executive director of Buffalo String Works to schedule workshops with a local professor of social work, who focuses the teachers on the concept of cultural humility. The case concludes with the executive director considering next steps for the organization in the wake of the cultural humility training.

Author: Michael Alan Anderson
Published: Volume 7, Fall 2019
Details: PDF Download – 8 pages plus Appendices
ISSN: 2475-4994

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