Institute for Music Leadership

Leading the music profession into a new era.

The Institute for Music Leadership (IML) is an integral part of the Eastman School of Music. Its role is to ensure that Eastman students, alumni and professional musicians obtain the broad education, specialized skills and diversified experiences they will need – along with their exceptional musicianship – to become the new generation of musical and cultural leaders.


eTheory – Online Music Theory

Designed, produced and developed at the Eastman School of Music, these innovative online music theory tools help a variety of musicians in their theory education.

eTheory LIVE: Interactive Music Theory Classroom – Divided into Course I & II, these cumulative, interactive courses consist of 15 weeks of online instruction with direction from a live Course Facilitator. Dedicated to music lovers of all ages, the course takes the learner from the basics of reading notation and rhythms to part-writing and analysis of musical excerpts.

eTheory: Music Theory Fundamentals in 4 weeks – This innovative online tool provides the basic foundations of music theory and helps to prepare music school and conservatory entering freshmen for theory placement exams.

eTheory: Music Theory Fundamentals in 4 weeks – Chinese Translation – This innovative online tool provides the basic foundations of music theory and helps to prepare music school and conservatory entering freshmen for theory placement exams.

eTheory: Graduate Music Theory Review – A comprehensive, integrated review course that focuses on tonal harmony, counterpoint and post-tonal practice to assist graduate students for theory placement exams.


Eastman Case Studies

Faced with shifting demographics and financial stressors in the music field, The Eastman Case Studies are designed to help current and future music leaders develop skills and perspectives to solve real-world problems through situation analysis, recommendations, and discussion. Case studies, a primary teaching tool in business schools, provide narratives about a specific challenge and give students the chance to get practical experience in developing problem-solving strategies.

An initiative of Eastman School of Music’s Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research launched in 2016, The Eastman Case Studies examine issues and challenges that face today’s musical leaders and place students in the role of consultant. These students are charged with assessing business problems and making key decisions in resolving them, focusing on innovative practices that address problems faced by both traditional and emerging music organizations in the quickly changing marketplace. Topics range from general subjects such as community engagement and organizational residencies to specific issues like programming and contract negotiations.

Speed Lessons

The Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School created Speed Lessons to help students gain valuable insights into the orchestral repertoire of their instrument. Think of the Speed Lessons as a book. Of course, music students have etude books and orchestral excerpt books. Most excerpt books have little or no annotation—just the music. Our Speed Lessons take it a step further—video lessons focusing on individual orchestral excerpts from the standard orchestral repertoire taught by an Eastman professor with an Eastman student as the performer. Each teacher has years of orchestral experience, and their in-depth insights into the music go far beyond the notes. They also give tips on what audition committees listen for, and what to watch out for in performance. Whether your dream is to play in a professional orchestra, or if you simply want to become more familiar with this music, our Speed Lessons will help you get the Eastman Advantage on your competition!

Ramon Ricker
Former Senior Associate Dean for Professional Studies and Director of Institute for Music Leadership




Jim Doser – Theory

James Doser is Director of the Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music. As a NYS Certified educator, administrator, musician and entrepreneur, Doser has served as Music Administrator in the Penfield Central Schools, taught at all levels of public school and at Eastman as Director of the Eastman New Jazz Ensemble and various undergraduate and graduate classes. He was a co-founder of Tritone Music, Inc., a company specializing in jazz instruction for adults. Mr. Doser holds degrees in Music Education, Jazz and Contemporary Media, and the Performer’s Certificate from Eastman, and is recipient of the Smithsonian Award in Education for his work on the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit The Jazz Age in Paris.

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Steven Laitz – Theory

Dr. Steven Laitz is professor of Music Theory at the Eastman School of Music, and Chair of the Theory and Analysis department at the Juilliard School. He is the Director of the Gail Boyd de Stwolinski Center for Music Theory Pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma, Executive Editor of Music Theory Pedagogy Online. He has delivered lectures and presented master classes in the U.S., Europe, China, and has served as Visiting Professor at the New England Conservatory and the Hale School in Perth, Australia. Laitz is the author of The Complete Musician: An Integrated Approach to Theory, Analysis, and Listening (OUP) and Graduate Review of Tonal Theory: A Recasting of Common-Practice Harmony, Form, and Coutnerpoint (with Christopher Bartlette). He has created three theory web tools for Eastman’s Institute for Music Leadership: eTheory: Music Theory Fundamentals in 4 weeks, eTheory LIVE: Interactive Music Theory Classroom, and eTheory:Graduate Music Theory Review.


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