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Vblog #6 – Inspiration
Vlog #5 I love new music, even the new music I don’t like
Vlog #6 Clips of Baroque Rock
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Vblog #12 – Quiet Night
Vlog #15 – Classical Music Stereotypes
VBlog #15 – Classical music for the future
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Vblog #6 – A Big Announcement Regarding My Future. Oh Boy!

Vlog #6 Clips of Baroque Rock


This is a video of some clips of what I wrote for the Baroque Rock show with Bach and Beethoven Ensemble, Gaudete Brass Quintet, Kmang Kmang, and Avanti Guitar Trio. I split in clips of everything over the audio of what I wrote for Kmang Kmang and BBE. There’s also a short introduction about my band!

Vblog #12 – Quiet Night

For my blog regarding the current state and future of classical music, I would like to introduce you to Quiet Night.

Ben Thomas’ Quiet Night is an annual concert of quiet music. Attracting a large, eclectic and young audience, it is a great example of how classical music (and all music!) can be accessible and relevant to our generation.

Vlog #15 – Classical Music Stereotypes

A discussion of some of the stereotypes that often surround classical music.