vlog 4 – Residency at KU
Vlog #3 Composition Competitions
Vlog #2 Process and Inspiration
Vblog #24 – Bleckmann/Monder
Vlog #23 Behind the Scenes
VLOG#18_Sample of “Piece for Brass Quintet”
Vblog#17 – Music and Dance
Vlog #14
Vblog#13 – Ossia
Vblog#12 – Zord

vlog 4 – Residency at KU

I was recently in Lawrence KS for a residency and concert at KU.  This vlog details the residency activities and talks about a piece I taught the percussion students there to play with us on the show .

Vlog #3 Composition Competitions


Here Derek discusses some of the positives and negatives of composition competitions.

Vlog #2 Process and Inspiration


Here I try to answer the two most common questions I get as a composer: 1) Where do you find your inspiration? and 2) What is your process?

Vlog #23 Behind the Scenes

Here is a behind the scenes teaser of our upcoming music video. Special thanks to everyone involved!

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Producer: Eduardo Ortiz-Romeu, Barmey Ung
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Assistant Director: Miguel Otero
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Editor: Carl D Schumacher
Photography and Video Documentation: Qiuli Pan, Robert Teetsov

VLOG#18_Sample of “Piece for Brass Quintet”

Here is a sample of a piece I wrote for Gaudete Brass Quintet for Kmang Kmang’s CD Release Show March 31st, 2012. We had a blast, but unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do revisions with the piece. It was very difficult to say the least!