Brandeis Summer Music Workshops

The workshops are six-day intensive laboratories for violinists, clarinetists, oboists, bassoonists, and horn players who are students, serious amateurs or professionals. Activities include private coaching, private practicing, complimentary communal lunches, informal performance in master classes, lecture demonstrations, open rehearsals of the instructors’ concerts, and participants’ concerts at each week’s ends.

The three instructors are principal players in the Handel and Haydn Society Orchestra, and play regularly in other groups in the United States and abroad. Both Mr. Hoeprich and Mr. Hammer are scholars in the area of their instruments, and design and make the historical models they play on. Mr. Hoeprich recently published “The Clarinet” (Yale University Press), an exhaustive history of the instrument and its traditions.

Workshops are open to modern and period players. Mr. Hammer and Mr. Hoeprich will provide some historical models for students to use. All workshop activities take place in the Slosberg Music Center (Brandeis’ air-conditioned music building).

The workshops are presented by Aston Magna and Brandeis.

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Russell Rybicki
Russell Rybicki