Aspen Music Festival

The Aspen Music Festival and School is the country’s premier orchestral and operatic summer music festival, offering a combination of intensive one-on-one instruction and professional performance experience.

Coming to Aspen, each student steps into an extraordinary music world of unparalleled depth and breadth. It encompasses six hundred students, five orchestras, opera, dozens of chamber music concerts, master classes, lectures, and more.

Along with private instruction, many students rehearse and perform major orchestral repertoire side-by-side with their teacher and/or with principal players from the orchestras of New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, San Francisco, Cleveland, and more. Orchestras perform weekly, or accompany one of three professional operatic productions. Soloists and conductors vary by week and are among the world’s most revered classical musicians.

Students in all programs can attend the three-hundred-plus performances, master classes, lectures, and panels; and, as part of the AMFS community, they make connections that can last a lifetime.

Aspen is open to musicians of any age and stage of their careers, but note that the intensity of the professional performance schedule and the exacting standards of quality make Aspen most appropriate for the serious, dedicated musician.

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Russell Rybicki
Russell Rybicki