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Matthew Ardizzone
Matthew Ardizzone

Matthew joined the Eastman Admissions team as the Associate Dean of Admissions in 2009. An Eastman alumnus, he was the first guitarist to receive the Doctor of Musical Arts degree (1997) and was also awarded the Performer’s Certificate. Prior to attending Eastman, he received Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in guitar performance from Ithaca College. His extensive background as a performer includes numerous concert and festival appearances across North America. He has been on the faculties of Bowling Green State University, Nazareth College, and the Eastman Community Music School.

Matthew has also held positions as Executive Director of Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates, and as the Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance. He is pleased to be back at his alma mater helping young musicians pursue their educations and careers.

During his free time, Matthew enjoys working in his urban community garden with his wife and daughter and practicing guitar.


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  • Thank you for this thoughtful article! We side with you in our work with prospective music majors, to encourage them to focus on creating their own list of priorities for determining which schools appear to be a good fit. It’s always sad to hear of students who based their decisions on rankings and then find themselves needing to transfer. We will tweet your article (from MajoringInMusic.com) to bring further attention to your sound advice.

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