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Larry Scripp
Larry Scripp

Larry Scripp, Ed.D., is an accomplished researcher, educator, program developer, and administrator. After graduating with a Bachelor of Music from Boston University, Larry Scripp spent his time as a performing musician and entrepreneur, conducting chamber orchestras and contemporary music groups, jazz ensemble, and composing music for dance, film, and musical theater.

Shortly after the birth of his first daughter, Dr. Scripp combined his interests in teaching and research by becoming a faculty member in Undergraduate Theoretical Studies and Solfege at New England Conservatory and a cognitive psychologist of music and researcher at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he studied cognitive psychology, learning technology, and literacy, and where he eventually received his doctorate in Human Development and Psychology in Education. Beginning in 1988, he published articles on the development of music theory programs and skill development from the perspective of professional training in music and as a researcher in the field of arts, literacy, and human development at Harvard Project Zero, where he contributed to numerous publications investigating young children's symbolic development, musical perception, music reading skill development, musical representation, giftedness, and the development of computer-supported curricula in the arts and humanities.

Currently, Dr. Scripp performs two roles at New England Conservatory. As Founding Chair of the Music-in-Education (MIE) Program, he is responsible for the creation and administration of a new concentration in education, a guided internship program, and an electronic portfolio evaluation system for performance majors and composers participating in a wide variety of educational contexts.

As Founding Director of the new Research Center for Learning Through Music at New England Conservatory, Dr. Scripp is responsible for the design and implementation of research-based "Learning Through Music" School Programs in urban public schools, and serves as the executive editor of the NEC’s [i]Journal for Learning Through Music[/i]. In addition, Dr. Scripp now is a founding member and principal investigator for the Music-in-Education National Consortium, a coalition of schools of music and education, arts education organizations, and arts-based school reform organizations that support program development and research focused on the evolving role of music and the arts in American public schools. The MIENC has formed the Learning Laboratory School Network, dedicated to the identification and further development of research-based music in education programs in public school communities.

Over the past three years, Dr. Scripp has teamed up with Ken Freed in Minneapolis to form the Learning Through Music Consulting Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services in the areas of curriculum design, teacher professional development, and documentation and assessment practices for schools dedicated to creating and sustaining authentic, comprehensive and interdisciplinary music programs for the benefit of all children’s cognitive, aesthetic, academic, aesthetic, social, and personal development. Dr. Scripp has published many articles on music’s evolving role in education (see [l=http://www.music-in-education.org]music-in-education.org[/l] ) including his acclaimed essay on the current status of research on music learning and its relation to academic achievement and social development. (An Overview of Music and Learning) appearing in the Critical Links Compendium ([l=http://www.aep-arts.org]aep-arts.org[/l] ).

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