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Kelly Kasle

Harmony, Heal-It Health Music Cream

Prone to repetitive stress injuries from long hours of practice and performing, musicians often experience interrupted playing periods in order to stop the pain. Treatment for these problems can lead to surgery, weeks of physical therapy, or anti-inflammatory therapies that have many side effects. More depressing, none of these therapies provides a long-term "cure". Through my personal experience, experience of others and the thermographic evidence provided by Heal-It Health, there now exists a transdermal, all-natural anti-inflammatory cream that provides pain relief and preventative protection against the repetitive stress injuries musicians are prone to. That product is Heal-It Health's Music Cream.

My experience using Music Cream resulted in longer practicing times, better performances, and greater advancement in my skills. My plan is to use my personal story and the science behind the key ingredients to sell the idea of the Music Cream. Harmony is a marketing company and website run by Kelly Kasle promoting Heal-It Health's Music Cream. It is funded by the profits from sales of Music Cream and the benefit of the New Venture Challenge Scholarship. I have exclusive marketing rights to Heal-It Health's Music Cream and will be the only one selling it.

My market includes all musicians, those who suffer from and those that wish to prevent repetitive stress injuries. Preventing injuries, and treating current injuries will ensure musicians uninterrupted playing. According to David Shulman, a Physical Therapist in Baltimore, up to 70% of professional musicians experience pain that affects their playing at some point in their career. I will begin by selling Music Cream directly to students, teachers, and the physical therapist at Eastman. Enlisting physical therapists (PT) to use the cream on patients and recommend it as part of a therapy plan is critical to my success. The perceived value increases when a PT endorses the cream. After the initial effort of marketing locally to monitor my effectiveness, I will expand my market to include musicians and physical therapists across the country and then worldwide. Providing further motivation for the physical therapists is the added profit incentive from Music Cream sales. I can offer a 40% margin, which is a standard resale margin for this type of product.

Music Cream's competition includes many over the counter pain-reducing creams that are not all natural and contain counter irritants as well as weekly treatments from physical therapists. These simple creams do not address the underlying inflammation issues, which cause the problems in the first place, nor do they prevent inflammation from occurring. The benefits of Music Cream's all natural formula and easy application outweigh any other option of treatment. Harmony's goal is to offer Music Cream to every musician via a web site offering real users personal experiences. The result is enhancing the playing careers of thousands of musicians who are limited by chronic repetitive stress injuries and preventing others from getting it. Among my list of motivations to launch Harmony is a way to pay for college. Consequently, marketing Music Cream to musicians around the world will create invaluable connections that could potentially help my career as a bassoonist.

The tools to accomplish this goal include:

  • the Harmony website to promote and sell the Music Cream,
  • included in the website will be a forum for feedback and success stories and
  • a marketing effort targeted at musicians and physical therapists.

Kelly Kasle is a sophomore Bassoon Performance Major and Math Minor in the studio of John Hunt at the Eastman School of Music. She has performed with the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra and the Eastman Wind Orchestra. Her love of music began in the sixth grade when she had the opportunity to play the bassoon for the middle school band. In her free time, she enjoys riding horses as a jumper in competitions and participating in the Sigma Theta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota.