Department Chair

Mackin, Glenn
Associate Professor of Political Science; Chair, Humanities Department

Baldo, Jonathan
Professor of English; Bridging Fellowship to the University of Rochester Humanities Center--Spring Semester 2018

Bellina, Elena
Assistant Professor of Italian; 2017-18 Academic Leave

Betts, Rachel
Instructor of Humanities, part-time

Couderc, Valerie
Instructor of French, part-time

Curren, Christina Balsam
Vocal Coach; Assistant Professor of German & German Lyric Diction; Affiliate Faculty, Voice and Opera

Durkin, Lucy Winters
Instructor of Visual Arts, part-time

Goldfarb Styrt, Philip
Instructor of Humanities, part-time

Limbach, Eric
Instructor of Humanities, part-time

Murano, Teresa
Instructor of Italian, part-time

O'Donnell, Heather
Instructor of German, part-time

Pedersen, Jean
Associate Professor of History

Peterson, Kelsey
Instructor of Humanities, part-time

Scheie, Timothy
Associate Professor of French; Fulbright Advisor

Steingröver, Reinhild
Professor of German; Fall Semester 2017 Academic Leave

Tomczak, Timothy P.
Instructor of Psychology, part-time

Uselmann, Susan
Assistant Professor of Humanities and English as a Second Language (ESL); Director, Eastman Writing Center (EWC)