Antonio M. Morone

Antonio Maria Morone (University of Pavia)

Antonio M. Morone is an Associate Professor in Contemporary African History and the Coordinator of the Master Program in African and Asian Studies in the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Pavia (Italy). His main research interests include the colonial and postcolonial history of North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Within this research field he has published on colonial and postcolonial migrations in the African continent, after extensive research and fieldwork trips to collect both oral and archival sources in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Since 2005, Morone has been recording migrants’ oral testimonies while also surveying relevant governmental and non-government documents, with a special focus on the Libyan-Tunisian and Ethiopian case studies. During this period, Morone even managed to access some detention centers in the Tripolitanian region. 

His latest publications include “L’Italie républicaine, la Crise du Congo et l’Héritage du colonialisme” (2020), “Les migrations africaines dans la Libye post-2014: guerre, crise économique et politiques d’endiguement” (2020), the edited volume Libya in Transition: Human Mobility, International Conflict, and State Building of the journal Afriche e Orienti, n. 3, 2018 (, and the edited book La fine del colonialismo. Politica, società e memorie (2018).


In my presentation, I will discuss the postcolonial link between the Italian containment and deportation policies at the end of WWII and the today externationalization policies in Libya (and Africa).