Graduate Studies

Independent Study Projects

Occasionally, a graduate student may wish to undertake a research or performance project for academic credit on an “independent study” basis. All projects are to be completed by the student working on an independent basis with occasional guidance from a faculty advisor.

Permission to undertake an independent study project is a privilege granted to students who have demonstrated their ability to work well on their own. The student wishing to undertake the project must complete this form in consultation with an advisor. Written approval of the proposal must be obtained from the faculty advisor of the project, the departmental chair, and the Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

i. The description of the proposal should be developed in consultation with the faculty advisor.ii. Supporting materials (e.g. a bibliography) should be attached to this application.iii. A project normally results in a paper or performance by the student. The faculty advisor will sign the proposal, indicating approval. In addition, s/he should indicate what work or performance will be used to evaluate the student’s independent study project.

The Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies will determine, based on the proposal, the number of credits to be received for the independent study project.

Students on internships or international students doing Curricular Practical Training should use this form to register for ALC 490Z. Students pursuing CPT must be registered/approved through the International Student Office. All internships or Curricular Practical Training must have a designated supervisor in the host organization or business.

Students are encouraged to submit their independent study proposals to the Graduate Studies Office ( in the semester prior to registering for the project.  However, students MUST submit their proposals no later than the Friday of the 2nd week of classes.  If a proposal is received after the deadline, the student must wait until the subsequent semester to register for the project.  Exceptions to the deadline may be granted by the Graduate Studies Office.

Questions concerning independent study projects for graduate students should be directed to

Independent Study/Internship/Practicum Course Proposal Form