Eastman School of Music

Before you begin with the Net Price Calculator, it may help to know more about how the financial aid process works here at Eastman.

Our financial aid process is driven by merit (your relative ‘ranking’ within the current pool of applicants) and informed by need (the difference between your ‘expected family contribution’ per the FAFSA and the total cost of attendance: tuition, fees, room/board, and other indirect expenses). As with many merit-based music schools, the only way to truly know what an Eastman education will cost you is to be admitted and receive a financial aid package. The calculator will give you an idea of what government aid you might be eligible for. It will ask you to anticipate whether you will rate in the upper, middle, or lower third of the merit range of our admitted applicants. This is, of course, an unknown variable, so we encourage you to submit your information three times choosing each answer. Also keep in mind that the division of merit ratings into three tiers is far less nuanced than our actual merit assessment process.

For this reason, we also present you with the chart below as a quick reference guide. The chart is intended to give you an idea of the kind of scholarship amounts awarded to students with different need levels and merit scores.

EFC Range Top 1/3 merit range Top 1/3 average merit award Mid 1/3 merit range Mid 1/3 average merit award Lower 1/3 merit range Lower 1/3 average merit award
0-14K 28,000-42,000 35,000 25,000-37,000 31,000 25,000-27,000 26,000
14K–30K 25,000-38,000 32,000 21,000-36,000 27,500 23,000-28,000 25,500
30K–60K 25,000-37,000 29,000 20,000-28,000 25,000 20,000-26,000 23,500
60+K (incl. Merit Only and No FAFSA 24,000 -26,000 26,500 18,000 – 26,000 22,500 15,000 -22,000 20,000

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