As you plan your calendars for the upcoming academic year, please remember the following guidelines:

  • When traveling off campus, please provide your department chair and the Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs with a schedule of away dates and contact information.
  • The total number of days away from campus for any given semester should not exceed three weeks total.  Absences from teaching that exceed two consecutive weeks worth of teaching days should be discussed in advance with the department chair and the Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.
  • All lessons missed for professional reasons must be made up by the professor before the end of the semester.
  • Performance faculty members are expected to be present for all audition days.  All permissions for audition day absences must be obtained from the Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs before June 1 of the previous academic year.  Once approval is received, faculty members are responsible for communicating these absences in writing to Matthew Ardizzone, Associate Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management, before June 30 (to meet application print deadlines).
  • If personally traveling internationally, or you are sponsoring a class, ensemble, or program involving international travel please visit the Online Travel Registry to complete the proper forms.

Full-time faculty members at the Eastman School of Music are eligible for up to $1000 of travel and conference expenses in one academic year. Travel reimbursements are sometimes available for other staff members.  Consult your department supervisor prior to making any travel plans.  Once approved, department assistants can make travel arrangements through the University travel agent.

In order to receive reimbursement:

  • Travelers must provide a Business Expense Report substantiating the amount, time, and business purpose of expenses within 60 days after the expense was paid or incurred.

To meet these requirements, individuals must properly complete a Business Expense Report and provide documentation to substantiate the expenditures. The documentation must provide:

  • Detailed documentation of the purchase
  • If the expense involves multiple persons (example: a group meal), names for all participants need to be provided.
  • Documentation of the business purpose of the purchase
  • Proof of payment

Receipts should be given to department assistants who can prepare the necessary finance form for signature and submission. Please be cognizant that department assistants need time to prepare the paperwork and obtain signatures. Therefore, turning in receipts with 45-days of the expense is recommended. 

Airline tickets may be purchased in advance of your travel by using an F-2 form and booking your travel through the University-sponsored travel agency: 

Town & Country Travel, Inc.
732 Pittsford-Victor Road, Pittsford, NY  14534, (585-381-2850)

For travel over and above the $1000/yr., faculty may apply through the Office of Academic Affairs for funding from the Professional Development Committee (a group comprising three faculty members who evaluate proposals four times per year and administer funds).  Proposals to the PDC must be made before the trip is taken.

If your Eastman position entails travel to numerous professional conferences or work-related events, you may be eligible for an American Express Corporate Card.  Call Financial and Human Resources (x4-1080) to determine your eligibility.  You may be able to get a cash advance before your trip through your American Express Corporate Card.  Check on details at least two weeks in advance.

Revised, October 2019

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