Eastman students value a structured and detailed syllabus.  In addition to a brief course description and statement of the course’s aims, most syllabi list requirements, attendance policies, texts, grading policy (e.g. the percentage of the grade to be determined by papers, exams, attendance, and participation), and a detailed schedule of assignments. In addition, syllabi should include a statement about academic integrity and instructions to students about disability accommodations. Faculty are required to include the following statement on all course syllabi:

Our school is committed to fostering a welcoming, encouraging, and empowering environment for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities have the responsibility of contacting the Access Coordinator as soon as possible after they have filed their intent to enroll. To schedule a meeting with the access coordinator, call (585) 274-1165, or email

It is a personal decision to disclose the existence of a disability and to request an accommodation – a decision not to disclose will be respected. While we cannot make accommodations retroactively (for example, allowing a student to repeat a test with new accommodation), we encourage you to begin the documentation process at any time during the semester.

Revised, September 2017

A sample ESM syllabus can be found here.

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