Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee was established as a means to administer funds for both faculty and student professional opportunities.  This three-member committee will serve three-year terms, with one member replaced annually.  The committee convenes three times per year to consider written proposals submitted by applicants.  After reviewing the proposals, the committee’s charge is to adjudicate and/or allocate funds for student travel to conferences and competitions, as well as chamber music funds for travel to competitions.  Faculty opportunity grants may be used for new course development, travel for continuing education or research opportunities beyond those regularly funded by the school; or travel to conferences, workshops, and master classes, if no honorarium is involved.

A typical proposal consists of a 1-2 page description of the project or travel to be undertaken, a budget, and at least one letter of support (in the case of a student, the letter should come from the applied teacher or project advisor; in the case of faculty, a letter should come from the department chair).

In order to fund more applicants, the committee has placed a $1,000 cap on faculty requests and a $400 cap on student requests.  Exceptions to these caps will be approved only in special cases.

E-mails announcing the request for proposals are sent out in September, January, and March, accompanied by a detailed list of program eligibility criteria. Deadlines are October 15, March 1, and April 1 for submission.

Specific instructions are provided on the Academic Affairs Office website along with links to the applications. Questions may be directed to

Revised, September 2017

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