Valuing Culturally Inclusive Teaching

The Eastman School of Music attracts a diverse student body from within the United States and from around the world. Valuing cultural inclusivity helps create a learning environment in which all students feel comfortable to participate. Pedagogical strategies for supporting the diversity in our student body include learning about the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of our students, using a variety of teaching methods, and establishing explicit codes of conduct that support inclusion.

Students whose first language is not English can gain additional instruction and support for English through Eastman’s graduate and undergraduate English for Academic Purposes courses. In addition, the Eastman Writing Center offers individual consultation for students on writing skills. Students with questions regarding the norms of American academic writing may set up regular ongoing appointments for instruction and feedback. Sue Uselmann, Assistant Professor and Director of the Writing Center, is available to help faculty plan ways to support these students in the classroom.

For issues concerning cultural adjustment to the United States, the ISO (International Services Office) serves as an information resource to help international students learn about matters such as visas and taxes, employment and travel. The ISO is available at Eastman on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons in ESM 506. 

Revised, October 2017

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