Inactive Status – Extended Leave of Absence

A student may find it necessary to take time away from their degree studies for health, personal or work reasons. After consulting with their studio teacher and/or advisor, undergraduate students should meet with the Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs and graduate students with the Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies to have their request for inactive status approved. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may be placed on inactive status for administrative reasons. 

During their time away from the School, a student may not matriculate (enroll as a degree candidate) at another institution, although they may enroll for part-time non-matriculated study. Students who wish to undertake another degree program must withdraw from Eastman; they must re-apply should they wish to return to the School to complete their degree. The School reserves the right to require an audition before allowing any student to return to full-time study. Approval to return may also be dependent on the availability of appropriate applied music instruction.

More detailed information regarding requests for inactive status can also be found in Section of the Academic Policy Handbook.

Revised, September 2017

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