Ensemble Library

Location: OSL 201
Phone: 274-1620
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
E-mail: ensembles@esm.rochester.edu

Kathy Zager, Librarian and Ensemble Operations Manager

Tom Doser, Library Assistant

Donna Iannapollo, Library Assistant

Nina Varon, Part-time Library Assistant

The Ensemble Library provides performance parts for all of the major ensembles for the Eastman School of Music.  Small ensemble music, octet or smaller, is housed in Sibley Library.  Music greater than an octet is housed in the Ensemble Library.  Works of any size for Brass Guild, Trombone Choir, Horn Choir or Percussion Ensemble are also housed in the Ensemble Library.

All students must pick up their ensemble folders in the Ensemble Library before rehearsals begin for each concert cycle.  Students may borrow study parts as well as all genres of ensemble music for performances at Eastman.  Additionally, bowed practice parts are available as PDFs on the department webpage and are updated per concert cycle.  Students and faculty are responsible for the prompt return of borrowed materials. Cost to replace any lost or damaged parts will be charged to the borrower. If you have any questions about the Ensemble Library, feel free to contact us.

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