Commitment to Customer Service

First and foremost, the Eastman School of Music administration and core staff desire to create an atmosphere that combines our collective skill, artistry, and scholarship in a pro-active, positive environment.  We value “customer service”—whether our customers are students, faculty, staff, alumni, or members of the Rochester community.  In the busy academic environment, we desire to communicate clear and concise information in a friendly, approachable manner.  If questions arise outside your area of expertise, please make every effort to assist faculty, staff, or students with answers to their questions — either by making a phone call to find out the answer or by directing the individual to the proper office. Always remember, common courtesies go a long way in putting our best foot forward.

Concert Information

General information about concerts at Eastman as well as information regarding specific upcoming concerts and events can be found online via the Concert and Events page.

E-mail Addresses and Policies

In general, upon hire an Eastman e-mail account will be established for faculty members. For issues with e-mail, contact Eastman Computing Services at x41160. Eastman has a contract with ITS to provide accounts for full- and part-time faculty and staff. ECMS faculty, union employees, and temporary staff are not typically eligible, but there are exceptions. Visiting faculty can have an account if they are going to be here for at least one semester. Assistance is available from Computing Services in creating a free webmail account for those not eligible for a School account.

Official Eastman addresses are formatted as “first initial last name” (e.g. “”).  Exceptions to this address format are noted in the faculty and staff directory. It is expected that faculty, staff, and students will utilize these Eastman official e-mail accounts when corresponding regarding School matters and that they will be checked regularly.

Student Contact Information

If you need to contact students a reliable and current source of information is the online directory.

The Eastman School of Music provides students with an e-mail account upon matriculation.  Students expect to receive official information regarding deadlines, policy/procedure changes, changes in degree requirements, special events, course schedule changes, regulatory changes, emergency notices, as well as other useful information from the Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Graduate Studies and information from academic departments. Official messages should be sent to the University assigned e-mail address only – not to other e-mail addresses.

Students are responsible for all information sent to them via their University of Rochester e-mail account, it is expected that such communications will be received and read in a timely fashion.  It is important for Eastman students to understand that the majority of information will be communicated to them via their University assigned account while they are students.  If a student chooses to forward their University e-mail account, he or she is responsible for all information, including attachments and hyper-links, sent to any other e-mail account.

Students have individual paper mail folders, located in the basement of the Eastman Main Building.  Anyone can place mail for students in these folders, but be aware – often students forget to check their folders daily.  Important correspondence should be sent to the student’s home address in Rochester. Students who reside in the Student Living Center have their own locked mailboxes.  Mail for them can be given to the Front Desk of the Student Living Center.

Faculty/Staff Directory and Voicemail Operation

The University Faculty/Staff Directory lists phone numbers, office locations and e-mail addresses for all University employees including those at Eastman. 

If you have any problems with the mechanics of your phone, dial x4-1160, and a representative from Computing Services will assist you. For detailed information on using the University telephone system (including conference calls, voicemail, call forwarding, etc.), consult the UR Telephone User’s Guide.  To request a copy of the User’s Guide, contact Computing Services.

Long Distance Calls/International Calls

The Eastman exchange is 274 followed by four digits (274-xxxx). If you are making an internal call, dial 4 and the last four digits of the telephone number only.  External calls must be preceded with a “9” for an outside line.  Departments monitor long distance calls with a pre-established phone code to track phone charges.  Consult your departmental assistant or the ESM Financial and Human Resource Office for the code for your particular telephone.  Call x4-1080 in advance to get the international call code.

Fax Messages

Several departments have their own individual fax machines.  Consult your department assistant or chair as to the availability and use of these machines.  If a department does not have their own fax machine, the main fax machine is available at the Information Window, ESM 112 in Lowry Hall.  The fax number is: (585) 274-1088.  A fax information form is available and must be filled out and given to the Information Window attendant.  Make sure a charge account obtained from your department is placed on the form.  The Information Window personnel will fax your material and return the originals to your mailbox.  Incoming faxes typically are received at the ESM Information Window fax machine and will be distributed to your department mailbox.  Confidential information should not be sent using the main fax machine; use alternative means.

Mail – Postage and Shipping

First Class mail is delivered daily (M-F).  Outgoing mail can be metered in lieu of U.S. stamps.  In order to obtain the metered barcode slips, contact the proper department’s assistant. Please meter U.S. and foreign mail separately. Both internal Eastman correspondence and outgoing postal mail may be placed in the coordinating mail drops located adjacent to the Information Window, off Lowry Hall.


A FedEx drop box is located at 25 Gibbs Street on the first floor of Miller Center.  A limited supply of FedEx forms and materials are available at the drop box. Materials can also be obtained from department assistants.

Faculty Mailboxes

Eastman faculty mailboxes are adjacent to the Information Window located in Lowry Hall.  New Faculty will be assigned and notified of their mailboxes by the Information Window.

Please notify students that assignments will NOT be accepted at the Information Window.  

Revised, August 2016

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