Bridging Fellowships

The Bridging Fellowship Program is a University-wide program that supports members of the University faculties in interdisciplinary study.  Specifically, the program releases members from departmental obligations for one semester to allow them to move to another part of the University for the purpose of learning aspects of another discipline.  Typically, the University has no more than four Bridging Fellows in a given academic year.  

Eastman faculty have been successful in obtaining Bridging Fellowships over several years, and we have also hosted Bridging Fellows from other schools of the University.  For your information, a list of the previous Fellows is included at the bottom of this page, with their home department and their Bridging Fellow department/school.  

The University’s Faculty Handbook provides the following general information on Bridging Fellowships (pp. 40):

Bridging Fellowships are arrangements whereby a faculty member spends a period, usually a semester, in a department other than his or her own. The other department is often in another school, but is always in the University of Rochester.  The distinctive feature of Bridging Fellowships is that they are for study in an area that is peripheral to the fellow’s central professional concern, and they permit the acquisition of knowledge and methods in a different field.  These fellowships are thus distinct from academic leaves, and holding a Bridging Fellowship does not affect subsequent consideration for such leaves.

The dean’s or director’s office of each school generally solicits applications once a year. Completed applications require the approval of the applicant’s chair before being submitted to the dean for final approval.  For an untenured faculty member, a Bridging Fellowship does not delay a tenure decision even when combined with a one-semester leave.


The specific steps to take in applying for a Bridging Fellowship are:

  1. Design a Bridging Fellowship proposal for a semester of study in a department and/or school other than your own. Engage with faculty members in that department as you develop your ideas, and solicit endorsements for your proposal from them, from their department chair, and from the dean of that school.
  2. Submit your Bridging Fellowship proposal to your Eastman department chair by December 15.  Your application must include the endorsement letters from the hosting faculty member, department, and school.  
  3. Your Eastman department chair will review the application and forward the materials, with the completed recommendation form, to the Academic Affairs Administrator Amanda Sharpe by January 15.  
  4. The Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs will consult with the Dean and forward approved materials to the Provost for final review.  Fellows will be notified in the spring semester of their acceptance. Following completion of the Bridging Fellowship semester, the Bridging Fellow is expected to provide a written report of the experience, including goals, activities, and outcomes of the collaboration.  This report should be sent to the department chair and the Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.


Bridging Fellowship Application – Part I Applicant

Bridging Fellowship Application – Part II Chair Recommendation



Michael Anderson (MUY) to the Simon School of Business, Fall 19

Melina Esse (MUY) to the College Dance and Movement Program, Fall 18

Jonathan Baldo (HUM) to U of R Humanities Center, Spring 18

Davey Temperley (TH) to Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Fall 09

Reinhild Steingrover (HUM) to English and Eastman Museum of Photography and Film, Fall 08

Harold Danko (JCM) to Linguistics, 1/2 time full year 06-07

Patrick Macey (MUY) to History, Fall 06

Donna Brink Fox (MUE) to Simon Graduate School of Business, Spring 06

Elizabeth West Marvin (TH) to Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Fall 04

Ellen Koskoff (MUY) to Anthropology, Spring 04

Steve Laitz (TH) to Chamber Music (ESM), Spring 02

Ernestine McHugh (HUM) to Musicology, Spring 01

Ciro Scotto (TH) to Mathematics, Spring 01

Gretchen Wheelock (MUY) to Visual & Cultural Studies, Spring 00

Jean Pedersen (HUM) to Visual & Cultural Studies, Fall 99

Timothy Scheie (HUM) to Musicology, Spring 98

Robert Morris (CMP) to Religion & Classics, Fall 97

Robert Wason (TH) to Modern Languages & Culture, Spring 97

David Headlam (TH) to Electrical Engineering, Spring 96

Louis Bergonzi (MUE) to Public Policy Analysis, Fall 94

Elizabeth West Marvin (TH) to Psychology, Spring 93

Jonathan Baldo (HUM) to Musicology, Spring 91

Ralph Locke ((HUM) to Art History, Spring 91

John McGowan (HUM to Philosophy, Spring 90

Douglas Dempster (HUM) to Music Theory, Fall 87

Revised, October 2019

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