Nikolas Jeleniauskas (Allen)

Nikolas Jeleniauskas (Allen)

Instructor of Arts Leadership




As a multidisciplinary artist, Nikolas Jeleniauskas (Allen) explores different aspects of artistic communication through his work as a composer, product designer, web developer, and dancer in dramatic stage performances, crafting elegant and meaningful digital products, and writing music that is timbrally rich, deeply structured, and both intimate and dynamic.

Nikolas’ music has been hailed as “exciting and colorful”, combining the dramatic and lyrical into “surprising colors and textures”. His works have been presented throughout the world in concert halls, chamber music recitals, stage works, galleries, and in radio broadcast. He is currently a doctoral candidate in composition at the Eastman School of Music.

As a Product Designer and Developer, Nikolas is passionate in ensuring that digital experiences are enriching, accessible, and efficient. He has worked internationally on a wide array of projects for individual artists and businesses, from statistical databases and news delivery systems, to sports leagues, research studios, social networks, and loyalty services.

Nikolas also works as a dancer, as a guest artist in ballet and contemporary dance productions, operas, new contemporary works, and collaborations with other composers.