Orit Hilewicz

Orit Hilewicz

Assistant Professor of Music Theory




Orit Hilewicz earned her PhD at Columbia University. She researches the ways music analysis reflects the experience of performing and listening, while at the same time broadening and enriching those experiences. Focusing on 20th century music composed in the United States and Europe, Hilewicz’s interests include music and visual arts, music in multimedia works, set theory, analysis of post-tonal music, and analytical approaches to musical temporality. Her dissertation, titled “Listening to Ekphrastic Musical Compositions,” studies pieces that take other artworks—such as paintings, architectural spaces, and different music works—and examines the intertextual relationships between music and images.

Hilewicz has presented her work at national and international conferences, including the annual meeting of the Society for Music Theory, the International Musicological Society, and the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST), where she was awarded the Founder’s Prize for her paper “Tracing Space in Time: Morton Feldman’s Rothko Chapel.”  Her article by the same title was published in Time and Trace, a volume produced by ISST, in April 2016.

Hilewicz’s teaching experience includes core and upper level undergraduate music theory courses at Columbia University and New York University. Two syllabi she designed, one on avant-garde composers in New York City and the other on music in multimedia works, were selected for Columbia’s Teaching Scholars Program. Before joining the Music Theory PhD program in Columbia, Hilewicz completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in piano and Master of Arts in music theory at the University of Washington in Seattle. While in Seattle, she served as managing editor of Perspectives of New Music. Hilewicz was also an associate editor of Theory and Practice in 2012–2015.