Ari Solotoff

Instructor of Music Leadership




Whether stewarding general corporate transactions or legal compliance within a broader strategic framework, Ari provides reasoned and practical guidance to help his clients realize their business goals.

Drawing on a decade of experience in the music industry and the nonprofit sector, Ari focuses his practice on representing creative and corporate clients in all aspects of protecting, exploiting, and managing copyright assets and content. Ari regularly advises musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and social media influencers in negotiating a wide range of entertainment, digital media, and copyright-related transactions.

With a nuanced appreciation for the many legal, business, and philanthropic issues that face nonprofit organizations, Ari also represents a variety of 501(c)(3) public charities, 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, and 501(c)(6) business associations throughout the State of Maine in all aspects of nonprofit governance and the full life-cycle of tax-exempt status – from entity formations to mergers to dissolution.

Prior to studying law, Ari worked in the classical music industry, where he served as Executive Vice President of The Philadelphia Orchestra, and before that, Executive Director of the Portland and Pensacola Symphonies. As a result, Ari is as equally comfortable managing complex transactions with multiple stakeholders as he is working one-on-one with exceptionally talented and widely-recognized artists.

Because of his interest in helping business owners comply with the music licensing requirements of copyright law, Ari also authoredThe Tune Kit – a one-stop music licensing resource for licensing music from the U.S. performing rights organizations (ASCAP / BMI / SESAC / GMR). Also, in recognition of his exemplary community service, Ari was awarded Bernstein Shur’s 2016 Barnett I. Shur Civic Award.