Diploma in Ethnomusicology


A growing awareness of the richness and beauty of non-western musics and the interrelatedness of all musical cultures has led the Eastman School to develop a Diploma in Ethnomusicology. Ethnomusicology is the academic discipline that formally studies world music traditions. A combination of music and anthropology, ethnomusicology—like musicology (music and history)—has had a long history in the academy.

Today, good musical citizenship requires knowledge of one’s own musical cultures, as well as those of the others with whom we share our world. This program enhances philosophical, political, and musical dimensions, while simultaneously developing practical, hands-on skills. Involving class work, performance, and independent research, the Diploma equips students to enter today’s job market, as well as to continue graduate study in ethnomusicology.

The program is open to graduate students. Many of the requirements can be met under the category of “unspecified electives” that exist as part of the students’ major departmental curricula. Students can apply any time during their studies at the School but must apply no later than the beginning of their last year (two semesters) at the School. Students will be assigned an ESM professor who will monitor their progress through the Program.

All students interested in the program must submit an application form and a proposal for a plan of study. At the completion of the set of courses (for which the student must receive a grade of B+ or higher), the student will take an oral examination (pass/fail).

What are the Requirements?


3-4 credits       A graduate- level World Music course

3-4 credits       A graduate-level anthropologically-oriented elective course

4 credits          Four semesters of performance in one a graduate-level world music ensemble

4 credits          Introduction to Ethnomusicology (ETH 502)

3-4 credits       A graduate-level Independent Study resulting in a fieldwork or research project

Oral examination

How Can I Apply?

Complete the application form and prepare a cover letter. Additional instructions are included in the application form.

Please submit this form and cover letter to the Office of Academic Affairs, ESM 110, or email materials to academicaffairs@esm.rochester.edu.