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Anti-SPAM Service

The University of Rochester provides Proofpoint Enterprise Email Security as an anti-spam solution to help keep junk mail out of your inbox. All Eastman e-mail accounts are automatically enrolled in this service. Video tutorials that introduce the anti-spam service are available on the UR website.

What are the Benefits?

The service reduces the amount of spam messages that arrive in your inbox. If you receive too many junk emails, you may increase the spam filtering level for your account. There are also options for creating a list of Approved and Blocked Senders.

For more information, or for instructions on how to:

  • Change the spam filtering level on your account
  • Stop receiving quarantine digest emails
  • Create lists of approved and blocked senders
  • and many more…

Visit the University of Rochester Spam Management FAQs

Please contact Eastman Computing @ x41160 if you have any questions.