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UR Secure @ ESM


Cylance Anti-Virus is installed on all Eastman-owned computers. You can learn more about its capabilities at the University’s Cylance Anti-Virus page.

ESM faculty and staff can download Sophos Home Anti-Virus for home computers. Please see the University’s Anti-Virus Software Download Page for more information. 

Identity Finder

A monthly Identity Finder scan is run on Eastman-owned computers to determine what personal identifying information (such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, & Bank Account Numbers) is being stored on University computers. Scheduled Identity Finder scans occur on the 5th of every month and start between 11:30am and 12:30pm. If your computer is powered off or logged off when the scan is scheduled to begin, Identity Finder will begin the scan the next time you login to the computer. The scan will run in the background so as not to interfere with your use of the computer. Once the scan completes, an Identity Finder window will pop up and display the results of the scan. The results will show you any instances of Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, and Bank Account Numbers that were found on your computer. Please note that the report may contain files that have information that is incorrectly identified.

Please review the report, examine the information within the files and take the appropriate course of action with each file using one of the three steps below. If you don’t recognize a file with matches and aren’t sure what to do, please contact Eastman Computing for assistance before shredding or scrubbing the file.
1) If the files are no longer needed, please delete the files. The Shred function in Identity Finder can securely delete the files.
2) If the files are needed, but the identifying information is not needed, please remove the identifying information from within the files. The Scrub function in Identity Finder is able to do this with some file types.
3) If the files are needed and the identifying information must be kept, the collection must be reported to University IT on the PII website

An Identity Finder Quick Start Guide is available as a reference. View the Identity Finder Quick Start Guide. Not sure what to do with the results? View the list of Identity Finder Frequently Asked Questions.