Control Room E

April 16, 2013

Control Room E:


In December of 2010, the Eastman School opened it’s new multimillion dollar addition, the Eastman East Wing and with it, a brand-new state-of-the-art 400 square foot control room. Control Room E is our first completely digital room and is one of the largest digital audio networks in the US. The control room was designed by renown studio designer Lawrence Swist and was listed among Mix Magazine’s ‘Hottest New Studios’ in 2011. The room features a Euphonix System 5 production console and custom monitoring designed by Swist and partner, Mick Guzauski. The room can function as a typical audio production control room or as the hub of video conferencing or distance learning events.


-Euphonix System 5 Fusion console

-Guzauski/Swist GS3A 5.1 monitoring system

-Benchmark ADC-16 analog-to-digital converters

-Benchmark ADC-1 & DAC-1 converters

-Apogee AD16x analog-to-digital converter

-RME MADI converters, bridges & network cards

-Millennia Media HV-3R microphone preamps

-TASCAM HD-R1 compact flash recorder

-Apple MacPro computer running Bias Peak 6, Apple Logic 9, Avid ProTools 10, Apple Final Cut Studio

-TASCAM DV-RA1000HD DVD recorder

-TC Electronic System 6000 multieffects processor

-Lexicon PCM96S digital multieffects processor

-Canopus ADVC700 video interface

-Z Systems Digital Detangler 32.32

-Z Systems Z-link 96+ sample rate converter

-Brainstorm DCD-8 master clock

-DK Technologies MSD600M audio meter