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Fall 2021 String auditions

ESSO and PHIL string players are required to submit audition recordings prior to the Fall 2021 semester.  These recordings will be used as a general assessment, and will be factored in when determining the seating rotation for each program. 

The audition recording should be submitted as an audio-only digital file (please record excerpts as individual files, not as one continuous take).   The recording file will be assigned a number, so that Professor Varon will not know the identity of the performer.  The deadline for the audition recording is Wednesday, September 1, 5:00pm (please be aware that late submission of audition recordings will impact your ensemble grade.)   Recordings should be emailed to Meredith Gangler, Ensemble Manager,

After all audition recordings have been reviewed, select musicians will be invited to an in-person second round.  This live round will determine which players will be considered for Principal positions throughout the ’21-’22 academic year.  The second round will take place in September, date TBD. 

In preparing the excerpts, Professor Varon strongly suggests musicians listen to at least 3 recordings of the complete work the excerpts are extracted from.  It is also advisable to review the complete parts of the works, in order to better understand the context of the excerpts.  The excerpts provided are marked with the exact sections that should be prepared, but the majority of the complete parts can be located on IMSLP.    

Please contact the Ensemble Library with any questions.


Excerpt list

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