EARS Class Concert

Dec 7, 2017
7:00 pm,

EARS presents two concerts per academic year featuring repertoire pieces, new works, and student compositions in Hatch Hall. In addition, the EARS Visiting Artists Series presents the work of visiting composers, performers, and researchers.

This year, our visiting artists will be Miller Puckette and Shiau-uen Ding, performing Philippe Manoury’s monumental composition for piano and electronics PLUTON, and eminent British composer Trevor Wishart. EARS will also present a concert of electronic works connected to the Darmstadt Summer Courses, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the IFNM Darmstadt, and will be launching the “Eastman Mobile Acousmonium” [EMA] in March 2017.

Past Events

Concert 2

Mar 10, 2017
8:00 pm, Hatch Hall

Ming-lun Lee, Assistant Professor of Audio and Music Engineering, UofR

Feb 23, 2017
2:20 pm, ESM 514

An introduction to the ChucK programming language and its use in laptop orchestras and multi-channel audio.

Charlie Roberts, Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Games and Media, RIT

Feb 14, 2017
1:35 pm, ESM 514

live-coding, live-music, and inter-platform communication

David Tudor’s Rainforest Project

Jan 24, 2017
1:35 pm, ESM Suite 50

With Matt Rogalsky, Assistant Professor in Composition and Theory, Dan School of Music and Drama, Oueen’s University, Kingston, CA

Fall 2016 Class Concert

Dec 12, 2016
10:00 am, ESM 120

Concert with new works by students of the EARS Intro and Advanced Electronic Music Courses

Lecture, Trevor Wishart

Dec 1, 2016
3:35 pm, ESM 209

Workshop with Trevor Wishart

Dec 1, 2016
11:35 pm, EARS, ESM 50

Trevor Wishart Portrait Concert

Nov 30, 2016
8:00 pm, Hatch Hall

Concert featuring two seminal sonic art works of the 20th centrury: Wishart’s sonic opera “Encounters in the Republic of Heaven” and the “The Secret Resonance of Things”, a set of composed sonifications of scientific data.

Concert 1

Nov 9, 2016
8:00 pm, Hatch Hall

A program of old, new and brand new works, including Luigi Nono’s Post-Praeludium per Donau, and world premieres by Alex Stephenson (MM 2017) and Nikolas Jeleniauskas (PhD).

Contemporary Violin Techniques with Alexandra Greffin-Klein

Oct 21, 2016
10:00 am, ESM 120

In cooperation with the composition department.

Parisian violinist Alexandra Griffin-Klein devotes an important part of her career to promoting contemporary music, working closely with composers such as Pascal Dusapin, Philippe Hurel, Gérard Pesson, Michaël Jarrell, Allain Gaussin, Sofia Goubaïdoulina and Helmut Lachenmann. As a frequent violinist with Ensemble Intercontemporain and a soloist of the Ensemble Cairn, she appeared at the Darmstadt Festival in 2010, performing a cycle of Gérard Pesson premieres at the 104 in Paris and received in 2012 ‘5 Diapasons’ for her recording of Raphaël Cendo’s string quartet, In vivo. Philippe Hurel dedicated his new solo violin piece Trait, to her, which she premiered in Paris in September 2014. Alex Greffin Klein plays a Sebastian Klotz violin dating from 1756.

Lecture, Miller Puckette

Oct 4, 2016
1:35 pm, EARS, ESM 50

Philippe Manoury, Pluton

Oct 3, 2016
8:00 pm, Hatch Hall

Pluton (1988) is a monumental work for piano and computer by Philippe Manoury. The computer senses the performer’s piano playing through a specialized MIDI interface, which is used to synchronize the computer with the piano (using score following). Manoury explores the idea of using the pianist’s interpretation of the score to control various parameters of the computer’s actions. These computer actions take the form of synthesis, processing of the piano sounds, and spatialization.

Miller Smith Puckette (born 1959) is the associate director of the CRCA and professor of music at USC Sans Diego, where he has been since 1994. Puckette is the author of MAX, a graphical development environment for music, which he developed while working at IRCAM in the late 1980s. He is also the author of Pure Data (Pd).

Pianist Shiau-uen Ding equally performs traditional and contemporary repertoire. She has performed in France, Germany, Belgium, China, and throughout the US and Taiwan. Most recently, she premiered Christopher Bailey’s Empty Theatre, a quasi-concerto for piano and orchestra, at SinusTon Festival in Germany. She was called a “daredevil” by The New York Times for her performance at Bang on a Can Marathon and “a powerful force on the new music scene” by Array.