Equity and Inclusion at Eastman

Diversity Committee

The faculty and staff members on Eastman’s Diversity Committee are committed to honoring and encouraging the individual identities of all who make up the Eastman community, acknowledging the importance of tolerance, patience, honesty, and appreciation of each other’s differences in a culturally and ideologically diverse population.

The committee members also advocate for students and colleagues who have experienced bullying or discrimination based on their physical appearance or spiritual/ideological beliefs.

2021-2022 Diversity Committee Members


Katherine Ciesinski

Clay Jenkins


Samantha Andrew

Matthew Ardizzone

Mara Culp

Donna Brink Fox, ex officio

Petar Kodzas

Gaelen McCormick

Jean Pedersen

David Raymond

Rachel Roberts

Jamal Rossi, ex officio

Helen Smith

Priscilla Yuen