SDR Lottery Process

The Lottery Process

Because demand for Kilbourn Hall and Hatch Recital Hall typically exceeds availability, the best way to give equal opportunity to all students is through the following lottery system:

  • The lottery runs on an annual schedule. Dates for the fall semester (September – December) are scheduled in April and dates for the spring semester (January – May) are scheduled in October.
  • The lottery is scheduled and advertised by the Concert Office.
  • All students who are due to complete their Degree Recital must enter the lottery in order to secure a booking appointment.
  • Every student in the lottery is assigned an appointment based upon the order their name is drawn. The results of the lottery will be published at least seven days before the first allotted appointment. It is the responsibility of each student to identify their appointment time and make arrangements to keep it.
  • Students are required to attend their appointment in order to schedule their recital. It should be noted that failure to attend this appointment will cost the student his/her place in the queue and will have an adverse effect on their opportunity to secure the optimum available recital time and the venue of their choice.
  • There will be times when an appointment directly conflicts with another engagement. In these cases it is vital that the student contacts the Concert Office immediately. A “catch-up” appointment will be offered in order to allow the student access to the best possible recital time still available. These times are not part of the official lottery appointment system and will only be made available on a case-by-case basis.

Once an appointment is scheduled, students will have an opportunity to select from any of the available date and time slots in Kilbourn Hall and Hatch Recital Hall. In order to fully benefit from an appointment, students should have the following information available:

Students are advised to be as flexible as possible when scheduling recital dates and times. There are many dates and times which are unavailable, or which may conflict with other Eastman School of Music performances and will prove unsuitable.

If an anticipated work requires a large ensemble it should be mentioned specifically during the lottery appointment. Please also read the notes regarding the use of large ensembles in Student Degree Recitals

Because demand for recital times in Kilbourn Hall always exceeds supply, student recitalists are not guaranteed a date in Kilbourn Hall.

On a final note regarding the lottery, all bookings are subject to the academic import of classes by the Registrar’s office at the end of each semester. Whilst every care is taken to avoid creating a booking conflict, occasionally an event or import will create a scheduling issue. In this case, students will be promptly notified and offered the best possible alternative that is still available.