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External Awards

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External Awards – 1991-2015

Adam Kehl Commission

2013 David Clay Mettens

Alan Tyndall Hutchinson Young Composers Competition

1995 Donald J. Sparr

American Academy of Arts and Letters, Charles Ives Fellowship

1995 (Former Student) Chris Theofanidis

American Academy of Arts and Letters, Charles Ives Scholarship

1995 (Former Student) Carlos Carrillo

American Academy of Arts and Letters, Goddard Lieberson Fellowship

1995 (Former Student) Stephen Halloran

American Academy of Arts and Letters, Wladimir and Rhoda Lakond Award

1995 (Former Student) J. Todd Frazier

American Composers Orchestra’s Annual Witaker New Music Readings

2000 Gregory Spears
2004 Robert Paterson

American Composers Orchestra (ACO) Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute (JCOI)

2013 Jennifer Bellor

American Conservatory in Fontainebleau, France

2012 Christopher Chandler

American Festival of the Arts, Residency and Performance

1996 Natsuki Yoshioka

American Guild of Organists/E. C. Schirmer Publishing Choral Competition

1998 Aaron Travers
2000 Aaron Travers

American Music Center Composer Assistance Program Grant

2000/2004 Robert Paterson
2005 David Plylar

American Opera Initiative, Washington National Opera

2013 Jennifer Bellor

Annual New Music Festival at Bowling Green State University

2008 Michaela Eremiasova (Guest Composer)
2008 Jairo Duarte-Lopez (Guest Composer)

Apeldoorn Young Composers Meeting

2009 Elizabeth Kelly (2nd prize)

ASCAP Foundation Grants to Young Composers

1991 Alton Clingan, Todd Frazier, and Kevin Putz
1993 David Lefkowitz, Carter Pann, Belinda Takahashi, Howard Yermish, and and
Bryan Zoelch1994 Gregory Mertl, Gregory Spears, and Belinda Takahashi
(Former Students) Carlos Carrillo, Alex Freeman, Marc Mellits, Carter Pann, and
Chris Theofanidis)
1998 David Wish
1999 Robert Paterson
2000 Gregory Mertl (Raymond Hubbell Scholarship Award)

ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer

1997 Telleff Johnson, Damon Lee, and Gregory Mertl
1998 Stefan Freund, Gregory Mertl and Robert Paterson
2000 Stefan Freund, Gregory Mertl, David Wish and Robert Paterson
2001 Stefan Freund and Adam Roberts; Honorable Mention, Zachary Wadsworth
2004 Vera Ivanova, Kyle Blaha, Alex Miller
2005 Ching-Mei Lin
2006 Baljinder Sekhon II
2008 Elizabeth Kelly
2009 Elizabeth Kelly, Steven Rice
2014 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

ASCAPlu$ Award

1998-2005 Robert Paterson
2002-2005 Christopher Brakel
2006-2007 Andrew McManus
2007-2008 Scott Petersen

ASCAP Rudolf Nissim Award

2013 Michaela Eremiasova


2013  Christopher Chandler

Asifa-East Award for Excellence in Experimental Techniques

2007 Michaela Eremiasova

Aspen Music Festival

1995/1999 Robert Paterson
2004/2005 Ching-Mei Lin
2008 Jennifer Bellor and Elizabeth Kelly
2011 Steve Rice

Atlantic Center for the Arts Associate Artist

2000 Robert Paterson
2002 Jeff Myers

Audio Inversions Composition Competition

2008 Baljinder Sekhon II

Auros Group for New Music Composition Competition winner

2005 Robert Paterson

Austin Peay State Young Composers Award

2002 Jeff Myers
2008 Andrew Allen
2013 Christopher Chandler


Baldvin Oddsen Commission

2014 Alexander Leon

Barlow Foundation Commission

2001 Todd Coleman
2002 Matthew Barnson
2003 Aaron Travers

Barlow International Orchestra Competition

1999 (Former Student) Kevin Putz

Best New Art Award
2006 Michaela Eremiasova

BMG Prize

1997 Donald J. Sparr

BMI Boudleaux Bryant Prize

1995 John Orfe

BMI Pete Carpenter Fellowship

1998 Benjamin Newhouse
2000 Ben Newhouse

BMI Student Composer Awards

1991 Shafer Mahoney and Jude Navari
1992 Shafer Mahoney
1993 Carlos Carrillo
1996 Christopher Bailey and Kevin Putz
1997 Jeremy Gill and Donald J. Sparr
(Former Students) Kevin Putz and Michael Timpson
1996 Donald J. Sparr
1997 Tellef Johnson, John Orfe, and Gregory Spears
1998 Kevin Putz
2000 (Former Student) John Kaefer
2001 Jeff Myers
2008 Justin Hoke

BMI William Schumann Prize

1998 John Orfe

BMI and Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra

1993 Carlos Carrillo
1998 Donald J. Sparr

Bowdoin International Music Festival

2003 Alex Miller
2005 Ching-Mei Lin
2009 Aristea Mellos

Brian M Israel Prize

1999 Robert Paterson
2001 Winnie Cheung
2008 Baljinder Sekhon II
2013 Christopher Chandler

Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme at Aldeburgh

2011 Gilad Rabinovitch


Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music Composers Workshop

2009 Steven Rice

Chamber Music Rochester Young Composer’s Competition

2008 Andrew Allen

Chamber Music Campania Festival, Fiate 5 Wind Quintet

2014 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Chamber Opera Workshops (Budapest, Hungary)

2013 Stylianos Dimou

Charles Ives Award

1998 Kevin Putz
2004 Aaron Travers

Civic Orchestra of Chicago Commission

2001 Todd Coleman
2002 Aaron Travers

Commission Project, Cuenca, Ecuador

2014 Alexander Leon

Commission Project, Rochester, NY

2004-5 Vera Ivanova, Composer-in-Residence
2005-6 Michaela Eremiasova, Composer-in-Residence
2007-8 Michaela Eremiasova, Composer-in-Residence

Composer-in-Residence, Seaside, FL

2002 Aaron Travers

Composition Trophy “C. A. Seghizzi”

2007-8 Michaela Eremiasova (Finalist)

Concours de composition acousmatique “Metamorphoses”

Vera Ivanova (First Prize)

Cornell Chamber Singers Commission

2013 Gilad Rabinovitch

Darmstadt Internationales Musikinstitut Contemporary Opera Workshop

2014 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Domaine Forget New Music Symposium Scholarship (Canada)

2013 Christopher Chandler

DownBeat Outstanding Performance Award for Composition

2013 Jennifre Bellor

Elizabeth Rogers Commission

2005 Matthew Barber and Daniel Pesca

Fairport Commission

2000 Todd Coleman

Festival A Tempo, Caraca, Venezuela

2002 Guest Artist Kyle Blaha

Finger Lakes Chamber Ensemble New Music Competition

2001 Robert Paterson

“First Hearing” by Civic Orchestra of Chicago

1999 Gregory Mertl
2000 Todd Coleman

First Music Commission

1991 Christopher Keyes
1995 Carlos Carrillo
1999 David Mallamud and Kevin Putz
(Former Students) Carter Penn
2000 David Mallamud, Kevin Putz and Carter Penn
2000 Gregory Spears
2003 Jeff Myers

Fourth Annual Mizzou International Composers Festival

2012 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Fübis Universität Summer Composition Program

2014 Alexander Leon

Frederic Mompou International Award

2007 Andrew Allen (Honorable Mention)

Fromm Foundation Commission

2002 Jeff Myers

Gerondelis Foundation Tuition Scholarship

2012 Stylianos Dimou

Guggenheim Fellowship

2000 Kevin Puts


The Hartt School of Music Young Composers Awards, University of Hartford

2002 Herbert Zipper Prize-Jonathan Graybill

Hubell Music Scholarship by ASCAP

1993 Paul Barsom

Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Darmstadt, Germany)

2006 Christopher Brakel

International Society for Contemporary Music Competition, Miami Chapter

2004 Sarana Chou, competition winner

International Festival & Summer Course, Tzlil Meudcan (Israel)

2013 Stylianos Dimou

Iktus Percussion Commission

2013 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

June in Buffalo Festival

1999 Robert Paterson
2003 Christopher Brakel
2005 Sarana Chou
2008 Matthew Barber
2012 Christopher Chandler
2013 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne Festival, Conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt

2013 Christopher Chandler

Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund Composition Prize

2004 Aaron Travers

Los Angeles Film and Script Festival – Best Feature Documentary “Modern Nature

204 Alexander Leon

Louisville Orchestra Composition Contest

2005 Robert Paterson

Lucerne Festival Academy

2005 Oliver Hagen – selected as active participant

MacDowell Colony

2003 Robert Paterson
2006 Alex Miller

Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Program of the International Horn Society

2013 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Minnesota Orchestra Composers Institute

2004 Robert Paterson and David Plylar
2008 Andrew McManus

4th Annual Mizzou International Composers Festival

2013 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Muziek Centrum Nederland International Gaudeamus Music Week

2009 Elizabeth Kelly

Musica Domani International Composition (third prize)

2012 Stylianos Dimou

NFMC Marion Richter American Music Composers Award

2005 Jonathan Graybill, second place

Nadia Boulanger Prize in Composition

2013 Christopher Chandler

National Endowment for the Arts Composers Fellowship

1995 Robert Eidschun

National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts Young Composers Award

1996 Kala Pierson

National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts Young Composers Award

1996 Kala Pierson

National Prize of Music in Composition, Ministry of Culture of Colombia

2007 Jairo Duarte-Lopez (First Prize)

New Music Delaware Composition Contest

New Music on the Point Festival, Vermont

2013 Daniel Brottman
2014 Dan Kohane
2014 Alexander Leon
1995 Natsuki Yoshioka


Oberlin Composition Contest

2002 Jonathan Graybill

Penfield Music Commission Project

2000 Todd Coleman

Percussive Arts Society International Composition Prize

2008 Baljinder Sekhon (2nd Prize)

Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society Membership

2002 Christopher Brakel
2002 Alexandra Fol
2004 Alex Miller

Portico Dans Theater Call-for Scores Winner

2014 (Summer) Alexander Leon – “Magnificent King George III,” for string trio, Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Roger Wagner Choral Composition Competition

1995 Francesco Accolla (Honorable Mention)

SCI/ASCAP Student Commission Competition

2005 Ching-Mei Lin – finalist (regional winner)

Society of Composers, Inc. Region VIII Conference, University of Montana

2005 Alex Miller (selected participant)

Society of Composers, Inc. Student National Conference

2005 Christopher Brakel (selected participant)

Sounds New Contemporary Music Festival – International Composers Pyramid England and France

2012 Stylianos Dimou

St. Cyril and Methodius International Foundation, Annual Music Scholarship for Excellence

2002 Alexandra Fol

Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Call-for Scores Winner

2014 (September) Alexander Leon  – “Icarus” for orchestra, Sydney, Australia

Tampa Bay Composers Forum First Prize for Excellence in Chamber Music Composition

2001 Robert Paterson

Tanglewood Summer Fellowship

1998 Gregory Mertl
2002 Jeff Myers

Tyler Youth Orchestra New Music Project Composition Contest

2009 Steven Rice

Tzlil Meudcan International New Music Festival Commission

2014 Jason Thorpe Buchanan

University of Aberdeen Music Prize

2005 Vera Ivanova – finalist

Upbeat Festival

2013 Daniel Brottman


Volti Choral Arts Laboratory

2005 Robert Paterson

VOX New York City Opera Festival

2008-2009 Michaela Eremiasova
2008-2009 Jairo Duarte-Lopez (Guest Composer)

Yellow Barn Young Artists Program

2013 Eli Greenhoe
2013 Alexander Leon

Young American Composer in Residence, California Symphony

1995 Chris Theofanidis

YoungArts Winner

2013 Alexander Leon

Young Composers Forum, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

2005 Ching-Mei Lin and Jonathan Graybill
2008 John Liberatore


→ Recent academic and professional appointments
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→ External Awards