Eastman Composition

Sound Research and Electronic Music

At Work in the Eastman Computer Music Center

The Eastman Audio Research Studio [EARS] is a platform for research, experimentation, and realization of new music and sound art. It offers state-of-the-art electronics, digital audio workstations, sound computing facilities, and a hall for the diffusion of multi-channel works. Focusing on the creation and innovation of new works by Eastman students, EARS features a dedicated concert series and a variety of projects, public lectures and events, international exchanges and collaborative community services in the arts. The primary objective of EARS is to encourage and enable the creation of new works at the intersection of musical expression and sound technology. These can be created as part of course work, or as independent research projects by Eastman students and faculty, as well as guest artists and researchers. Seeing artistic creation and research as complementary components, EARS is a platform for exchange in many disciplines.

The courses offered at EARS form a part of the core curriculum of the composition program at Eastman. However, undergraduate and graduate students from all departments at the Eastman School and the University of Rochester are welcome.