Lute Instruction at ECMS

Teacher: Kenneth Kam
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The lute was the most popular instrument in the Renaissance. It was played by every educated member of society. Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Shakespeare, they all played the lute. It was the guitar of its day that the instrument everyone played. This popularity was due to the delicacy and refinement of the lute, whereas loud instruments were considered vulgar at that time. The double courses create a richer, more colorful sound than single strings, much like a 12-string guitar. The gut frets are movable to be able to adjust the tuning. The lute was a member of a whole family from very small, the mandolin, to very large, and that it was often played in consorts.

Interested in learning the Renaissance lute? Perhaps you play guitar and want to expand your knowledge with the lute? 

ECMS lute lessons cover the basics of lute playing including reading tablatures and figured bass, playing technique of both left and right hands and continuo playing. Whether you played the lute a long time ago or you are a true beginner, you will have the opportunity to learn and improve your playing with these private lessons. This class is for 9th graders to adults of any age! Register here for private lessons.

*You don’t have to own a lute to take lessons. There is a Lute Rental Program provided by the LSA (Lute Society of America). The rental rate for all instruments is $55 a month. Lute Rental Program

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