Eastman Beginning Strings Ensemble/Technique Class

Teacher: EBS faculty

Class location – Annex 7th Floor

Class length: 1 hour

Class time: Saturday between 1 – 5pm

(specific time to be confirmed by the class instructor)


Course Description

Eastman Beginning Strings (EBS) Ensemble/Technique class provides parents and children with an opportunity to share the joy of music while learning the string instrument. It expands on what is taught in the private lesson. Playing with other children reinforces the playing techniques and the repertoire being learned.

Using games to practice musical techniques which link to the basic music theory and history, makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable.

The Ensemble/Technique class gives the student a chance to meet other children making music and to acquire the performance skills and ensemble skills necessary to becoming a successful musician.


Topics covered

  • Individual instrument performance skills
  • Specific skills needed for playing with others
  • Listening and following a leader
  • Notes reading and sight reading


Course Goal

The students will:

  • Cooperate and interact with classmates in different formats, including the actual playing, discussions, critics, etc.
  • Improve themselves by observing and learning from others
  • Reinforce the playing skills and the repertoire being learned
  • Obtain stronger performance techniques on bowings, vibrato, intonation, rhythm, and sight-reading, etc
  • Practice the leadership abilities by leading the performance or group discussion



  • Discography listening as assigned
  • Technical practice as instructed
  • Topic Discussion in classroom
  • Score reading, analyzing with detailed marks and explanation
  • Attend the class recitals / the ECMS performance events



80% Class attendance, assignment and technical practice in each class

20% concert / class recital performances

Student/parent should contact your Ensemble/Technique class instructor before you must miss a class.

Last updated: April 18, 2012