Elizabeth W. Mayo

Elizabeth W. Mayo is currently pursuing her masters degree in harp performance at the Eastman School of Music. She also has a bachelor’s degree from Eastman for harp performance and music teaching and learning; as well as a certified teacher in New York State.

Teaching music and the harp is a passion of hers which has led to teaching beginner harp courses at Eastman and lessons for secondary harp students. She also has her own harp studio teaching individual harp lessons in person and via zoom.

In addition to playing with Eastman’s ensembles, Elizabeth is also very active in the professional harp performing world. Elizabeth serves as a principal harp substitute for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and is consistently the principal harpist for the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra and the Binghamton Community Orchestra. Elizabeth also actively plays as principal harpist for the Ithaca Orchestra, Ithaca Wind Ensemble, Roberts Weslyan College Orchestra, and Cornell Wind Ensemble.

When not teaching or playing the harp, Elizabeth loves to be outdoors. Her hobbies include hiking, fishing, skiing, bird watching, and photography.