How to Sign Up as a Diploma Track Student

Students who are interested in pursuing a diploma from the Eastman Community Music School should stop in the ECMS office and register themselves as a diploma candidate. We will ask you to:

  1. Fill out a general information sheet.
  2. Take home and study our diploma brochure.
  3. Go to the Diploma Information section of the ECMS web-site and read the information about the diplomas.
  4. See Selecting your Diploma and print out the sample schedule(s) for your choice of diploma(s).  (You may then use these to track your progress.)
  5. If you have further questions and would like to discuss your diploma options and requirements, you may make an appointment with the theory chairperson or the ECMS director.

It is important for students to understand that declaring oneself a diploma candidate does not ensure you will receive a diploma. As with any diploma program, all course requirement must be completed for that particular diploma.


Checking the Status of Your Diploma

Once you are registered as an ECMS diploma candidate, we will maintain a copy of your unofficial transcript in our office. Diploma candidates may stop in the office at any time and check their progress towards their diploma. If you like, you may request a copy of your un-official transcripts when you stop in.


Last updated: April 23, 2008