Chamber Music

Information and Group Enrollment Forms for Students

Spring 2021 Chamber Music Group Enrollment Forms:

Strings/Piano Group Form

Brass Group Form

Winds Group Form

This is a departmental form that allows the chamber music faculty to keep track of pre-formed groups, help form groups that need players, and assign coaches and repertoire.

In addition to filling out this form, you still need to register for the course through the ESM Registrar or online registration.


Information on the Opening Orientation Meeting for all registered students interested in participating in chamber music at Eastman in 2020-2021 will be posted later this summer. Keep checking back!


Violinists Hannah Chou, Jonathan Eng, Elizabeth Smith, and Michael Wu perform in Ciminelli Lounge


Chamber music coachings happen at different times during the week depending on the instrumental area. Brass, winds, saxophone, harp, and organ groups meet at mutually agreeable times for coach and students; these weekly times will be worked out after groups have been assigned. String/piano students are asked to keep T/Th 15:35-17:25 free for possible coachings. This is the course time listed on the course calendar for all string/piano groups, and faculty who coach chamber music are also asked to make an effort to use these designated hours. If you have a legitimate course conflict with these hours but still want to take string/piano chamber music, please contact String/Piano Chamber Music Coordinator Prof. Janet Ying ( to see about getting an over-ride for registration.


Each semester Eastman holds auditions for the Chamber Music Honors Recital. This special recital is held in Hatch Hall during “Chamber Music Extravaganza” at the end of each semester. “Chamber Music Extravaganza” is a weekend of marathon chamber music concerts in Hatch Hall and Ciminelli Lounge, in which ESM chamber music groups get share their music with the public. Auditions for the honors concert are held about two weeks before the event and are open to any chamber music group registered for credit in any area, with the exception of groups in Intensive, Duo Piano, or Graduate Seminars (since these classes have their own recitals as part of the Extravaganza.) Groups auditioning for Honors must be prepared to perform their entire piece both at the audition and the concert.

String/Piano groups not performing on the Honors, Intensive, Duo Piano, or Graduate Seminar recitals in Hatch Hall will perform on a recital in Ciminelli Lounge, also part of the Extravaganza.

For the other instrumental areas, please contact the area coordinator for end-of-semester performance requirements/opportunities.

All groups also have the opportunity to audition for “Eastman to Go,” at the end of each Fall semester. ETG brings ESM chamber music groups out into the community to perform in schools and community settings, and provides important instruction on how to communicate and interact with audiences of all ages. See the ETG tab on this website for more information.

Many community sites in Rochester enjoy having ESM chamber music groups perform for them. If your group is interested in such an opportunity, please contact Prof. Elinor Freer ( for more information.


For string/piano groups: semester grades will be calculated as follows: 50% coaching grade given by coach (based on weekly attendance, preparation, attitude, progress) and 50% final performance grade given by faculty in attendance (based on the overall level of technical and musical achievement judged by a professional standard.) 

For all other areas, contact your area coordinator for more information about grading. 

The Chamber Music Bulletin Board is located outside ESM 315.

The Chamber Music Administrative Assistant is Ms. Vicky Hoover in OSL 202 ( She can help you with chamber music registration forms, signing out ESM442/MC4 for rehearsals, and much more.


ESM442 and MC4 are designated chamber music rooms. Any group registered for Chamber Music can sign out two, 1.5-hour blocks of rehearsal time per week for the entire semester. This includes groups in Intro to String Quartet Seminar and Intro to Woodwind Seminar. Please see Vicky Hoover in OSL 202 to sign out your times. Another option for rehearsal space is to book a room weekly through the Registrar’s Office. This can be done online at

Chamber Music Extravaganza is the name given to the mini chamber music festival that happens at the end of each semester when all the chamber music groups at ESM perform their final concerts. Over the span of 2-3 days you will find concerts in Ciminelli Lounge and Hatch Hall featuring the woodwind and brass ensembles, string and piano groups, and students from the Duo Piano Seminar, Graduate Chamber Music Seminar, and Intensive Chamber Music. Also featured in their own concert are the honors ensembles for each semester.