Chamber Music


Eastman's Ying Quartet Chamber Class. Masterclass. April 2013.

Violist Phillip Ying of the Ying Quartet coaches a student string quartet.

Introduction to the String Quartet: CHB 105

First year violin, viola, and cello performance majors register for this required yearlong course taught by the Ying Quartet. Class meets T 12:35-13:25.

Introduction to the Woodwind Quintet: CHB 110

All freshman and transfer wind players (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn) are required to participate in this seminar and will be assigned to a woodwind quintet as space allows. Class is taught by Prof. Anne Harrow; please contact her ( for information on class time.

Chamber Music, Piano/Strings: CHB 210 (undergraduate), CHB 410 (graduate)

Chamber Music, Woodwinds: CHB 210 (undergraduate), CHB 410 (graduate)

Chamber Music, Brass: CHB 210 (undergraduate), CHB 410 (graduate)

Chamber Music, Organ/Harpsichord: CHB 220 (undergraduate), CHB 420 (graduate)

Chamber Music, Harp: CHB 225 (undergraduate), CHB 425 (graduate)

Chamber Music, Saxophone: CHB 235 (undergraduate), CHB 435 (graduate)

Chamber Music, Guitar: CHB 240 (undergraduate), CHB 440 (graduate)

These courses are the basic chamber music offering for the second through fourth year undergraduate student and graduate student. Each instrumental area runs its own program and determines group formation and course content.

In the string/piano area, the course consists of approximately twelve, one-hour coaching sessions with an assigned faculty coach, four Sunday evening performance classes, and a required public performance at the end of each semester. The content of the course will be the study of a complete, full-length work of chamber music. Students can register as pre-formed groups or individuals. If registering as an individual, the faculty will form groups as they are able, based on the level and availability of players.  Repertoire will be assigned by faculty; student requests for repertoire are encouraged and, in most cases, honored. For additional information about string/piano chamber music, please contact string/piano chamber music coordinator, Prof. Janet Ying at

For other instruments, chamber music coordinators in each area can provide information about how groups are formed and the content of the course:

Woodwinds: Prof. Anne Harrow (

Brass: Prof. Doug Prosser (

Organ/Harpsichord: Prof. David Higgs (

Harp: Prof. Kathleen Bride (

Saxophone: Prof. Chien-Kwan Lin (

Guitar: Prof. Nicholas Goluses (

Duo Piano Seminar: CHB 215 (undergraduate) CHB 415 (graduate) is led by Prof. Elinor Freer and combines weekly coachings with group performance classes. Duos are assigned to Profs. Freer, Beaudette, or other ESM piano faculty for weekly coaching.  The performance classes are given approximately four times a semester and are led by members of the faculty. Students can register as individuals or as a pre-formed duo. The class meets M 12:35-14:25 and is limited to piano performance majors who are sophomores through graduate students. One semester of this class can count towards a piano major’s chamber music requirement. Class size is limited, and enrollment preference is given to those needing chamber music credit to graduate and those who haven’t taken the course previously.

Chamber Music Intensive: CHB 245 is an undergraduate course only and may not be offered each semester.  Enrollment is by invitation of the faculty only. The course combines coachings with seminar-style meetings with the Ying Quartet members on Thursday afternoons (Th 15:35-17:25pm). It is designed for groups who are seeking a deeper experience and who may be preparing for special performance projects or competitions.

Baroque Chamber Music: CHB 277

The Baroque Chamber Music Ensemble performs Baroque chamber music (trio sonatas, quartets, duets, cantatas, etc.) on modern or historical instruments. Participants will be divided into ensembles according to their own preferences as well as the requirements of the instructor to create manageable and viable groups. The class meets on Thursdays, 18:35-20:25.

Eastman to Go CHB 286 (undergrad) 486 (grad) (Spring only) is led by Prof. Mark Kellogg and is by audition only. Any ensemble with three or more players can audition for this 1-credit course which is to be taken in conjunction with a semester of regular chamber music. It is designed for groups wanting to get more experience performing and speaking to audiences unfamiliar with classical music. Each group selected for ETG will book and perform a minimum of two concerts in community venues in greater Rochester: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, bookstores, social service agencies, etc. The class also involves regular workshops on engaging with audiences, public speaking, etc. as well as coachings on outreach with Prof. Kellogg.

Instrumental Sonata and Duo Repertoire: CHB 401

This course is taught by Dr. Andrew Harley and meets W 10:35-12:25. Contact him for more information at

Graduate Chamber Music Seminar: CHB 445 meets Th 15:35-17:25pm and is a specially designed, in-depth course open to any graduate instrumentalist. It is taught by Prof. Mimi Hwang. Students may participate as individuals or as pre-formed groups. The seminar consists of weekly coachings, group master classes, and performance opportunities at ESM and in the community.  Enrollment is limited to 4-5 groups. Those not placed in the class will be directed towards other chamber music opportunities at school.

Brahms’ Chamber Music: Performance and Analysis CHB 482 (Spring 2019 only) This course for upper-level undergraduates and graduates and will be co-taught by theory (Prof. David Temperley) and chamber music faculty (Profs. David Ying and Elinor Freer), and brings together analysis and performance. A maximum of 5 groups of varying instrumentation (piano trio, piano quartet/quintet, horn trio, clarinet trio, string quartet, and clarinet quintet are all possibilities) will be formed to analyze, discuss and perform Brahms’ masterworks. These ensembles will perform complete movements in masterclass settings as well as musical excerpts for analysis in class. The focus will be on how the study of musical structure can inform  interpretation. The course will culminate in a public concert in Hatch Hall by the student ensembles with analytical commentary. Class will meet T/R 13:35-14:55.

Note: All graduate level chamber music courses can be taken for 0 credit under the course number CHB 411. Contact the chamber music coordinator in each area for more information.