Chamber Music


Eastman Chamber Honors Recital. December 2007. Kilbourn Hall.

A student brass quintet (Brett Long (trumpet), Allen Fogle (horn), TJ Ricer (tuba), Chris Van Hof (trombone) and Robbie McCabe (trumpet)) performs in Kilbourn Hall.

After freshman year, students at Eastman are encouraged to form their own chamber music ensembles. For those that aren’t able to find groups, or have only partial groups formed, the faculty will provide assistance in completing and forming groups.

Faculty also help guide repertoire choices and assign coaches for chamber music.

The audition, placement, and registration process differs for chamber music students in the string/piano, woodwind and brass areas. Please see below for the different procedures for each area. 

String and Piano students: In the Fall, each student who wants to participate in chamber music must first take a placement audition, even if they already have a group formed.  For string players, these auditions will be coordinated by Prof. Janet Ying.  Pianists must sign up for a short audition with Profs. Beaudette and Freer.  A sign-up sheet for times for both will be located before classes start on the bulletin board outside ESM 315. Audition repertoire is two contrasting short solo selections.

All other students, including wind and brass students: no audition is required. Area coordinators (see “Course Offerings/Descriptions” page for a list) can provide more information about registering for chamber music in each area.

Group Enrollment Forms: All string/piano/winds/brass students who want to participate in ESM chamber music need to fill out and submit an online group enrollment form each semester. The forms are located during the registration period for each semester at:

This form will provide a place for you to indicate preferences for specific partners, type of ensemble, and repertoire.  Each member of the group needs to fill out a form. The chamber music faculty then makes all chamber music group assignments based on auditions and information on these forms.  In most cases, preferences for chamber music partners are honored as long as all partners request each other and players are well-matched.  Be sure to submit forms before the advertised deadline.  Late forms can jeopardize placement in the chamber music program. 

Registering for the Course: Please note that in addition to filling out the on-line group enrollment form, students need to register for the actual course online. Course information can be found through the CDCS system at:

Group, repertoire and coaching assignments for string and piano groups will be emailed to students and posted on the chamber music bulletin board (outside ESM 315) at the beginning of each semester. All other groups will be contacted by their area coordinators.

It is each group’s responsibility to begin rehearsing immediately and to contact the assigned coach to arrange the first coaching.

In most cases, students are limited to working in only one chamber music group per semester.  However, demand and instrumental distribution will occasionally make it necessary for a few students to play in two groups.